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Evolution and Literature Web Paper 3

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"Evolutionary" and "non-evolutionary" genres: a valid divide?

Tim Richards
Monday, April 27, 2009
Evolit Paper 3

"Evolutionary" and "non-evolutionary" genres: a valid divide?

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Defining Science and Literature

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The Evolution of Contra Dancing

The Evolution of Contra Dancing

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Ambiguity Through Time

After discussingbiological evolution, turning to the evolution of literature, it was difficultto see a connection of evolutionary characteristics that were similar in both.In this paper I will be focusing on the biological aspect of evolution as it hasbeen studied over history. Historically speaking the human evolved from a notso complicated creature to a creature that seems to now have a multitude ofambiguous feeling to it. By this I mean that in the past while humans wereunderstood by the means of looking at physical characteristics and apparentpersonality characteristics, now it has become much more complicated.

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Why We Like What We Like and Its Effect on Literary Evolution

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Altruism in Sorrows of an American

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Tale of the Romance Novel

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Character Study

Character Study

By Arielle Seidman

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The Evolution

As our class made its way through the term, our evolution as a class mirrored our own personal evolution, as well as the evolution of the stories we read. We began the year reading On The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin, then moved into Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, by Daniel Dennett, then Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman, and finally, we finished the year with The Sorrows of an American, by Siri Hustvedt. The books that would be used in a class specifically called “The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories” were chosen with great purpose. Each book mirrors a stage in biological evolution, and if we can create foils out of the books and the evolutionary stages, we can delve deeper into the meanings of these books.
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