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Evolution and Literature Web Paper 3

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Mo laime toi vs. I love you: The Merging and Divergence of Evolving Languages

All things evolve, biological, literary, and cultural, that is one thing that has become clear as this course has progressed. All things grow and change over time either fulfilling some purpose or slowly disappearing. Language is no exception, and is in fact, exemplary of this rule. Through an examination of the evolution of language, it is possible to shed light on the ideas of merging and divergence that are present in Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Whitman urges that we come together, Darwin that we will always drift apart. In language, both principles are evident.

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The Evolution of a Sculpture

The Evolution of a Sculpture


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Family History and Cultural Evolution

Erik, the protagonist in The Sorrows of an American by Siri Hustvedt, spends time researching and thinking about his family history after his father dies.  Erik attempts to learn about his father's life and in the process realizes that there is much that will never be known about his family history.  Erik, as well as his family andfriends, struggle with the things they cannot know about their family historyand in the process bring the people of the past into the present.

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