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The Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs on The Brain

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The Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs on The Brain

Alicia Ebbitt

Hallucinnogenic Drugs alter a person's perceptions of reality and may cause hallucinations and other alterations of the senses. Drugs classified as hallucinogens include: LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetime(DOM), N,N-dimethyltrptamine(DMT), psilocin, and mescaline. There are two aspects of these drugs that classify then as hallucinogens. They all have common side effects, including distortion of sensory perception, and other psychic and somatic effects. These drugs also exhibit cross-tolerance. This means that a user of hallucinogenic drugs develops a higher tolerance to hallucinogens, the more they are used and the shorter the time span is between the last usage.

Hallucinogenic drugs have been used throughout history for a number of reasons. They have been used as medicinal agents as well as having served religious purposes. Hallucinogens such as mescaline have been used in Native American ritual ceremonies. There was extensive usage of hallucinogens in the 60's and 70's as part of the counter- culture hippie movement. During the "acid tests" of this era, hallucinogenic drugs were used for mind exploration (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work").

Hallucinogenic drugs cause both physical and psychological effects on humans. The physical effects of these drugs include: dilated pupils, elevated body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, appetite loss, sleeplessness, tremors, headaches, nausea, sweating, heart palpitations, blurring of vision, memory loss, trembling, and itching. A user of hallucinogenic drugs will also experience a number of psychological alterations in the brain. These drugs may cause hallucinations and illusions as well, as the amplification of sense, and the alterations of thinking and self-awareness. It is quite possible to have a bad reaction to hallucinogenic drugs. This is referred to as a "bad trip" and may cause panic, confusion, suspicion, anxiety, and loss of control. The long-term effects of these drugs can be quite dangerous. These long-term effects may include: flashbacks, mood swings, impaired thinking, unexpected outbursts of violence and eventually possibly depression that may lead to death or suicide.

Quite a lot of interest concerning hallucinogens has been generated by neurobiologists and other scientists. The effects that hallucinogenic drugs have on the brain are quite complicated and very interesting. Many users of hallucinogenic drugs have experienced whole personality changes which raises questions about the relationship between brain and behavior. Scientists are also curious as to how total alterations of the senses can occur as the result of hallucinogen usage. Many people that have used hallucinogens claim to have "seen sounds" or "heard colors". Scientists ask questions such as: How can a person under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs see things that aren't there? or How do flashbacks work? Another aspect of hallucinogenic drugs that interests scientists is that they are psychomimetic meaning that they mimic certain aspects of psychosis. Through the use of hallucinogenic drugs, one can induce temporary symptoms of psychosis.

As a result of the great interest in hallucinogens, many years of research have been done to try and determine exactly how the brain is affected by these drugs. Scientists have tried to determine if there is a specific site in the brain where hallucinogens act. This has been difficult to determine. Scientists still are unable to answer all questions about hallucinogenic drugs. However they have been able to determine certain areas of the brain that these drugs do act upon.

Early on in the reasearch on hallucinogens, it was determined that hallucinogenic drugs structurally resemble serotonin (5-HT) Serotonin is found in specific neurons in the brain that mediate chemical neurotransmission in the brain. Neurons containing serotonin can be found in the brain stem section of the brain. Axons of serotonergic neurons project to almost every part of the brain, affecting and communicating with all sections of the brain. Serotonin also acts at many receptor areas of neurons. Because hallucinogenic drugs are structurally similar to serotonin, it was theorized that hallucinogenic drugs may act upon serotonergic neurons (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work").

Scientists began to carefully study the serotonin system and found out that hallucinogens do in fact have some kind of effect on serotonin. Hallucinogenic drugs cause an increase in the level of brain serotonin, but they inhibit the rapid firing of neurons containing serotonin. This is a negative feedback system in which as the serotonin level rises, the activity of serotonergic neurons decreases. It was originally theorized that this effect of hallucinogenic drugs directly caused sense alteration and hallucinations. Several observations however have shown this theory not to be true. These observations include the following: Low doses of LSD effect behavior, but do not depress firing of serotonergic neurons, The behavioral effects of LSD outlast the alteration of the firing of the serotonergic neurons, Repeated dosage of LSD results in a decrease of behavioral changes, but still effects neuron firing, Other hallucinogens do not affect serotonergic neurons, When serotonin levels are depleted, the effectiveness of LSD is not eliminated (Ian Leicht, "Postulated Mechanisms of LSD").

It has now been determined that the effects of hallucinogenic drugs are actually caused by the effects that hallucinogenic drugs have on the post-synaptic activity of serotonergic neurons. Hallucinogenic drugs directly affect the serotonin receptors(specifically the serotonin receptor subtype, 5-HT2), which is what eventually results in a complex pattern of action potentials and activity. This was proven by the fact that the depletion of serotonin levels in animals does not result in a decrease of behavioral effects caused by hallucinogenic drugs (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work").

Hallucinations and other effects of hallucinogens are however very complicated experiences. They are not simply a part of a cause and effect system in the brain, where hallucinogenic drugs act on serotonin and cause hallucinations. Instead, hallucinogenic drugs act initially on the serotonin system, which sends into motion, a pattern of complex action potentials and activity. Other neurotransmitters may be involved in these activities as well. The effects that inputs and outputs have on each other in this system as well as the pattern of action potentials mediated by hallucinogenic drugs help to cause many of the complex changes that allow hallucinations to happen. (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work") Scientists continue to do research to determine the exact effects that hallucinogens have on the serotonin receptors and to answer any questions that they cannot yet answer.


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Comments made prior to 2007

When you list the drugs in the beginning of your article you list lsd psilocin and mescaline. But "psilocin" is not actually the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms. The correct term is "Psilocybin". Just thought I'd point that out ... Daniel, 19 February 2007


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Sorry but I just have to ask what are you basing your theory on? Smoking some blem? Fuck man if your getting that wasted off some dope something like shrooms or acid would probably just get you completely twisted, I mean they're extreme, nothing remotly like pot. If you havnt already try some salvia and see how that goes for you it's legal but if it's strong enough it'll blow you away if you can handle that then think about shrooms.

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i ve done both and u wont

i ve done both and u wont belive me but thats exactly how it feels when i think of nothingness u see everyone everything from a different perspective and things are a lot more clear but careful cause its almost a bad trip thinkin about nothin trust me...

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My experience on shrooms could have been better. I was around people who did not think like I do. I thought about all that could ever be thought of. Every concept and it's nature. I made sense of things, then tried to communicate with a buddy tripping with me, or people who weren't tripping. I felt as though I thought SO differently, I could never relate to them. My anxiety had gotten the best of me. This induced a roll effect controlled by how anxious I got, since the experience I had was based mostly on intellect and mind expansion. When you start thinking, don't try to stop it, all you'll achieve is going crazy trying to stop yourself. I remember all my bad trips, I got flashbacks for about 6 months, hard flashbacks. I came to understand them. Now, I know everything about mind expasion and religion. Although, I have displaced my happiness for the greater truth. Now I know how to let myself go, I just don't have the energy to motivate full mind expansion while in this reality. BTW, one thing that could have affected my mood is the fact I did ecstasy and shrooms, for the most intense feeling I have experienced. I don't want to do acid, but I feel if I don't take this opportunity now, I will not be able to handle it when I'm older. FYI i'm 20 years old.

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yo ive done a lot of drugs. but once i tripped on acid, i have no temptation to do anything else, besides smoke diggidy dank and Canadian Mist $17.99 a HALF GALLON. yeah its cheap as fuck. well, i never had a bad trip on acid, there can be dark times but its all about the vibes the people you are with are putting out. and driving is the most insane, since you know you can die, you start to trip harder, Me and my friend experienced the same trip of a high powered electro magnet shredding my car and we were both sitting in a black plain moving forward and when i hit the breaks the car rematerilized, lots of other shit was in my head like i just ran into a tree and a cop is yelling at me, but i stayed on the road. PRAISE LSD, ive driven in lego land and had the road split apart and magma pour out onto the highway when we were taking a road trip to kantuckey, and it was raining deer. yeah its crazy shit but you need to eat like 5 of them jellies and smoke DMT in crystal form. WTF. ACTUAL REAL TRIP. OUTER BODY EXPERIENCE.

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Mah Life on Druhgs

ah've been on LSD for 20 years, taken eet twice a deh.

no way ah seen mah share o' ghosts
ah ain nevah seen those demons befo'
i see rainbohws n dosse' leprocons, always at it, ticklin me til mah skin feel like sheepskin

nevah have i seen mah share o'ghosts
nevah have i fallen asleep wit out knowin' who's dead and gone

i turn mah head to the east, still nobody in sight

swallow ma' pride

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i have tripped my fair share

i have tripped my fair share dramamine by far was the least enjoyable 4 me among other things, but everyone bottom line is too much of anything is bad. I mean if you r gonna do this shit then do it sparingly, any of you who knows about the whole drug cause and effect scheme know that the more often you do it the less you get and the more money you will spend and then over time it will take over your life. I mean half of the enjoyment is being able to know it is comeing after a month of stressful work paying bills arguing with friends family the normal ups/downs of life. Make a trip more like planning for a vacation instead of wanting it several times a week just to get through life thats no way to live, I mean you still gotta have goals for your future and actually follow through with them college,jobs,family etc. dont let drugs get in the way of that. As far as younger kids are concerned they are kids so all the adults on here telling them no may as well save your fingers from typing because I know these adolescents know right from wrong they will have to live with the choices they make. I know very few adults who actually listened to their parents but I DO NOT encourage drug use to anyone under 21. go to school get that part of your life out of the way first because trust me there is plenty to come after high school TRUST me lol. live life love life and do what brings you joy because in the end that is all that matters.

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Yo ive eaten around 125 hits

Yo ive eaten around 125 hits and tripped numerious times on mushrooms. ive eaten 15 rolls in the course of 2 days. and the only thing im wondering if shit will ever stop moving. i havent tripped in 6 months.

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why do you still do it or somthing

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I dont think if your any age

I dont think if your any age you should do any of that stuff!! What's the point of even doing it if it's going to mess up your life!! so why bother, I've been around people who done it and now they look back into time and see what they could of become in the futer! but it's thier loss!! they would be doing so good in school scince they hung around the wrong people they've fallen down and I have been there to pick up the pieces!! So all I have to say is thimk about what you do FIRST!!!

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so ive done just weed but what is the serious problem with it?
how does it really hurt me?

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I have been taking x for about 2 years on and off about 15 times and i was completely unaware that it was hallucinogenic, I never saw anything krazy or heard of any1 seeing krazy shit. Id just pop a couple pills and party with friends and just feel all weird, unaffected by gravity, think things were a different color than what they are, and lights such as car headlights and street lights looked like rainbows. That is until last night. I took a pink budda and a blue budda at the same time and supposedly a chocolate lady (but in my opinion it was a pink naked lady) about an hour later and W0W. When that lady hit me omg I was wiggin balls. We were driven and all the lights were merging together and were creating animated objects such as dancen stick men and well anything I wanted. To test this new interesting ability i made like a cloud bubble with a knife in it, lined it up with friends heads and watched them being stabbed in the head repeatedly with blood squirting all over and everything. I was amazed and was convinsed I was a god. I could make lightning strike and literaly could control everything in my enviorment. Things were also happening randomly such as our drivers head shrank down to nothing and reinflated with a blink. I didnt really say anything to my friends as i could obviouly tell they weren't on one like i was so sat back and enjoyed it riding around with two 15's BuMpEn Tech N9nes T9X. The bass on that song was krazy especially at the end with the hole car vibrating. It was truly utterly amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life but sadly I had to ruin it by drinking and when I drink I get faded, blackout, and passs out everytime. I woke up still purty drunk and still feeling those pills. Its now 6:06 AM rite now and im still feeling it and when I smoke my weed it seems to bring it back up a little bit. Im think everyone still feels a little off the next day everytime but not like how its been with me today. Im not sure if im ever gonna feel normal again but if not o well, the way iv been lookin at and dealing with things today id say it changed me for the better ecsept my brain seems a little scrambled but thats normal for the day after. If your gona do x id recomend doing it with at least two good friends, being somewhere you feel comfortable because your not gonna know whats going on, and be sure your just a strong individual mentaly because i have no dought if your not and you have a bad trip it'll really mess with you and possibly scare you for life. Iv had a few bad trips and its not that bad, i mean its not fun but not that bad XD. Iv done weed (relaxed and intrigued), coke (grity and anxuos) , crack (worthless not worth the money), shrooms (happy, relaxed, and haha) extasy (WOW intense) every now and then ill smoke some Shards (AWAKE and im goin) and huffed spray paint and gas(hard to explain past out from gas tho and had a life changing dream)XD. No acid (never herd where to get never seen dont no much about) No heroin(yeah right) No steriods(please). In all my 16 years of experimenting the only thing I regret, and the one thing that has really fucked my life up and almost all of my friends lives up is weed from prolonged use three times a day everyday since the 5th grade. They say its not addicting but chocolate can be addicting. It made me lazy, rebellious, have really bad short term memory loss, get kicked out school and im now a 16 year old junior doing freshmen classes on some online school. The sad thing is I mainly started on this track because of the D.A.R.E. classes in 5th grade they told me I drugs would take over my life and I wouldn't do drugs and be successful and this and that. So I set out to prove them all wrong and im still working on it but io think iv failed. Kids dont need to no about drugs at such a young age and i dont think a school program teaching kids of any age about drungs is a good idea. It should be up to parents to keep kids away drugs. My advise is have fun, know what your doing, and dont pick your friends and build your life around weed. Dont make it your life...theres no going back

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Hi there I wonder if anybody would kindly e mail me about...

Hi there I wonder if anybody would kindly e mail me about why they do drugs.
I am a wanna be writer and I am trying to write this book, in it the main character is going to be taking drugs as a form of escapism.
I have created a new e mail address especially for my research for my writing to post specifically on sites such as this so people can give me information.

I want to know what people experience while "tripping" or "on a high" I don't take drugs and I am not willing to for the sake of research. But I know a lot of people do take drugs. And reading all your comments on this page shows me that a lot of people that post here do as well.

I want to know what it's like to give drugs up as well, even cigarettes and alcohol. It all helps.

Any stories will be really appreciated and if I use any/all of the information provided and I am able to get a book deal. Credits will be given without question. (If you just want to be referred to by any other name other than your given one that is fine.)

I am being serious here guys.
This is important to me as I what the story to be realistic. Of sorts.
I'll be straight with you. I am writing a horror story the main Character is a vampire.
But I need to make it believable, that is where you lot come in.

All contributions welcome.

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I just think people who do drugs are all crazy! why do you want to kill yourself so early,

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Hallucinogens, drugs

I worked in the medical lab field for 25 yrs, from 1981 to 2007 and have entered drug results and answered doctor's, nurse's, and patient's questions on drugs: the amount of time they stay in the body etc. I dealt for years with National Medical Services, NIDA, Medtox, and private substance of abuse testing labs. LSD is removed from your body very quickly, and you would have to die or get busted actively tripping for a tester or pathologist to find it in your body. The cell turnover in a human body is incredibly rapid, and I cannot remember the correct numbers, but I find it hard to believe that a person my age,late forties, who took acid as a kid and teenager, and I did many, many, many times, could be getting high or receiving flashbacks from residual cell activity. And if you are, what the hell, just enjoy it. All other drugs take at least one to three days to clear from your urine,the most common drugs of abuse testing specimen type. Bearing in mind the size of dose, length of time ingesting the drug, and the weight and metabolic percularities of the individual being tested all will affect how long this stuff hangs around, but if you live through the ingesting, your body will rapidly metabolize any drug you take into a desmethylxxxxxxx or another 15 letter name of the breakdown product ... Marijuana on the other hand will eventually attach itself to your adipose tissue (fat) and a good stoner may test positive for quite some time.

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if u are going to do e make sure u are going to be with friends all night and in the morning cuz it does lead to extreme depresion and if u are with ur friends u wont htink about it, i have rolled10 time and had lots of fun with it,also make sure u r not abusing it cuz it will change ur personality. make sure u put space in between and be aware that depresion can hit u a week later and last a day to a week cuz that has hapened to me

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You All Are Wrong

I have done acid like three or four times in my life, and meth for 15 years or so. I have been clean off it all now for 8 years, except weed. I like my weed! The only thing that I have noticed was I no longer have dreams. Has anyone else experienced this?

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hey u seem like a purson id like to party with! Anyways yes but not myself.A very close friend of mine he dont dream eather. only if its a really intence dream. also has somethimes truble sleeping at nights.And not much of a counchis.Cause of the use of meth. clean now tho. !! good day to you sur.

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People that do drugs or drink


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Listen, your not going

Listen, your not going schizo its all in ur head, just relax take a breaht and chill out. Ive done acid a bunch of times and mushis are my favorite drug ever, infact im gettin some in like 3 hours, E is a fun drug and takin it like 3 hours after you do like 3 hits of acid just hightens the experince, and i smoke pot all day every day and its been like this for the past 2 or 3 years. You will be fine just think happy thoughts and everything will cool, trust me.

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im scared

when i was in 9th grade(14 yrs. old) i did lsd 3 times(only tripped hard once), shrooms(mabey 5 times), smoked weed A LOT, and did E like 3 or 4 times. Now im 16 in 11th grade and im starting to hallucinate a little bit( like being on shrooms). im not hearing things, just seeing things(like things moving in my peripheral vision, sometimes things i stare at begin to morph, ect). But the weird thing is, i felt normal ever since up until now and im really freaked out. i hope im not going schizophrenic :(. please help

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Ok I don't wanna scare you but however it might my uncle started out like 95% of everyone on this page weed he then moved into harder stuff shrooms, LSD, E, anything to get that high even started to use meth. This man was my favorite person in the entire world and because of his stupid actions he ended up a schizophrenic. Yes from doing drugs you can get mental disorders do you realize that! I'm taking my minor in Psychology and it is unreal what it is doing to your brain. And because you are altering your brain so much you are pruning your cells which means killing them. You are also jamming all the receptors in you synapse and will cause you to take more and more to reach that ultimate, now that’s great to know but some thing that hits home to a lot of people when then they talk to me about my story my uncle killed himself he couldn’t take the colours, and lights and the shapes that always seemed to morph, and he couldn’t handle the bugs the constant feeling like there was something crawling in/ on him. So just think about what your doing to your self.. And my I’ve never touch the stuff not even pot so yes I don’t know that feeling but what I do know is I love my life and family, if you loved your to the full extent you wouldn’t do it either. Just a little something to think about. And this blog is not to get me anything but to make someone see that there are more important things out there and more productive things you could be doing.

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salvia and peyote

hey wut do u kno about salvia??i heard it was pretty good? also i have a peyote plant and i was wondering how much would it b worth, its about 2 inches tall and 4 inches much could i get for it, and should i try it?...

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if you wanna do salvia do 10X your first time ive done it a couple times and when i finaly tried 20 X i actualy saw myself in a different dimension.

Stuart's picture

i tried salvia and not much,

i tried salvia and not much, have heard some pretty hectic stories bout it tho, peyote on the other hand is some powerfull shit!!!!!!!!!!! dont know how much your plant wld be worth, wld gladly take it off your hands for you if you looking to get rid of it, but i wld rather reccomend trying it first, just do some research beforehand. its not something to fuck around with!

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acid is the the greatest drug in the whole world when taken in moderation. i myself have done it maybe 7 times over about 4 years and have always had the most awsome time!!!!!!!!! istrongly feel that it is all mind over matter. i reccomend for everyone to experiment, just get your head in the right mind frame before doing so. for instance... if you see a dragon, don't freak out at the dragon, ask the dragon for a hug! acid is there for you to explore your mind. happy exploring fellow trippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As far as hallucinogens go

Hey DarkTussan, thanks for that man!! i was in hysterics reading that!!
anyway dude.... do me a favour and read this book: Ramtha- the white book. And then maybe you'll see that you're not crazy. Acid doesnt lie. I've never done it but sure as hell going to soon! God is very much within you. Start reading some New Age teachings.

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You don't trip from chewin

You don't trip from chewin stems? BS smoked only a Dimebag of cali headies with my friend, chewed on the stems and i was the highest ive ever been, my heart was throbbing like crazy and my eyes were bleeding i thought i was gunna die, and i actually was trippin to saw unreal things but i dont think it was laced cause i checked it out

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you chew

you chew on marijuana stems and nothing will happen, it is all a myth about how you can chew on them and start trippin, all they do is taste good. LSD stays in your spinal cord your whole life and if you crack your back just right you could possible have a severe flashback, trust me because it happened to me.

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perspective on life

I have only tripped acid 3 times and it def. Has changed my perspective on life. I feel very in touch with myself. I do believe you should not make a habit out of it because every trip seems to be different in few ways. If you are someone who wants to find out who you really are on the inside then i suggest doing it at least once in your life.

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As far as hallucinogens go,

As far as hallucinogens go, acid is like a concentrated mushroom trip. My first time, I did 5 hits; not all at once, but spread throughout the night. I perceived what appeared to be a cell shaded world, meaning that certain objects, like leaves on a tree, appeared to be flattened and 2 dimensional; but also that the colors themselves were brighter, and changed in a weird way. My friend's face changed slightly, he looked like a goblin (that was how I described it) and when I looked in the mirror I did as well. I was first sure that it was real when I started having an uncontrollable urge to laugh, things were funny. My friend, who had given it to me, accidentally spilled some on his hand while transferring it form vial to vial, and I watched him lick it off. He freaked out, and it was almost enough for a bad trip, we had to restrain him, but we ended up leaving. My friend was driving; yes, driving, his first time ever tripping acid, and we made it home okay. My other friend complained about being attacked by alligators and saying he took too much, but I remember it as a really good trip.

Since my first time, I have tripped maybe 20 times at most; very spread out. But the craziest trip I ever had was completely and totally insane. At one point, the world appeared to be moving in fast forward, I would have conversations with people and would know what they were going to say before they finished saying it. I believed I was a god, and could tell the future as well as control my environment by controlling time. I thought I had died at one point, I remember being scared, but the world was moving too quickly for me to form enough of a thought. I watched clouds in the sky swirl and form different objects, objects that I could to some degree control. I could tell that one of my good friends was stuck in the same 'loop' of fast speed that I was. He kept saying, "I just want it to stop, I just want it to stop I can't handle it." He kept talking about not wanting to see the future; and since we kept talking about telling the future I think he meant that he could see what I did. While I was viewing the world sped up, I remember viewing the world as a giant time line that I was gliding over, seeing history written at every second and people living out their destinies. I had a feeling that everybody was eternal and when we died, we would be born again to live another life; that this was what life was all about, the joy of forgetting your past lives and remembering only your present life. I did not remember any 'past lives' or craziness like that, I just had a strong sense that God was with me; watching me, and affecting my life. Small coincidences became undeniable proof of a higher being, a conscious being. I took my friend's car and drove as fast as I could down the street, it was pure insanity. I believed I could tell the future and I drove insanely; I was insane. The car ran out of gas just as the song I was listening played "I'm tired of playing your game" or something like that; more proof in my insane mind that God was playing with me. I told God (yes I was praying/having one sided conversations with a higher consciousness) that I just wanted a place to sleep that wasn't my friend's house; everybody there was insane and I couldn't handle it. About 4 minutes later a police officer stopped me while I was walking down the street (with no shoes, no shirt, no ID, no phone, and numerous calls that the vehicle I had been driving was driving erratically) and told me I had warrants and was being arrested. I got in the back of the car and they took me to jail, where I proceeded to flip out saying that I was tired of this life and wanted to get on to the next one; that I would kill myself by stopping my heart with my mind. They had me talk to a counselor and I was put in a padded vest and allowed to sleep. The next day when I awoke, I drank orange juice and had what I considered to be an amazing breakfast. I was sober, but the world seemed like a magical place, and everything had slowed down again. I asked very politely when I was to be released and they asked me if I still wanted to kill myself. I said, "Absolutely not, I love life!" And they asked me about the night before; I told them I had been on acid. I was released immediately (apparently I had had no warrants and was given no tickets). They gave me shoes and a shirt and sent me on my way; I got a ride home and was back at the house before my friends had stopped tripping. That was the most insane trip of my life. XD

There's a lot more to the story and I can be very scatterbrained while trying to write it all out but let me just say this. I have a lot of friends who have done a lot of drugs, and it's lots of fun and blah blah blah but you have to ask yourself what your goals in life are. If you are 15-20 and you're wondering about trying acid and doing drugs, you need to ask yourself how you're going to take care of yourself when you get older. You're going to need money and that is what making it in this world is all about. If you don't believe me ask your dealer how much he paid for his drugs. The point is, don't let the distraction of drug abuse make you lose this game. I'm 20 years old at writing this and I feel like I lost so much time. I wouldn't go back and change anything, but I'm also working my ass off trying to make up for lost time. I would take an established life now over the joys of drug abuse any day, as much as I made my life about drugs in the past. Yes I'm preaching and it doesn't matter to anyone and maybe nobody will read this but this is for my peace of mind more than anyone else. Beat the game of life and experiment with fucking up your brain afterward. ^.- I still hallucinate sometimes before falling asleep or when waking up, and I have noticed dark circles under my eyes that do not go away no matter how much sleep I get. I did a lot of DXM (over 400 trips I'm sure) and I blame that drug more than acid. But I've had temporary psychosis and it is not fun. I believed that I was God's chosen one and yadda yadda. Nobody could tell me otherwise I was completely sure about something that made no sense. That is what being psychotic is all about. Anyways, be good, be safe, and think about what you wanna have in the next 30 years before you start fucking up your life now. It's not gonna matter how cool your acid trip was while you spend every week working in some shitty restaurant making minimum wage >.>.

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RE: As far as hallucinogens go

I read your post in its entirety. I'm 17 and can relate to alot of the posts on here. I agree with what you said. Hell i'll even admit to being a little inspired. I personally believe that getting "high" thru drugs is a state of being where you establish a deeper magical connection with God and your soul. From books i've read about death and people who tell of their experience of being pronounced dead for mintues at a time and coming back to life i see alot of connections with stories and books of experiences that people have had through drugs; therefore i don't find your story all that insane as a stiff therapest may. I personally don't plan on doing acid any time soon cuase i would like to get my life together. But Great post, I urge others to listen in and be smart about the decisions they make with these powerful drugs, espcecially at such a young age. Keep it real man and good luck';)

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Speed virgin

Ok i'm 17, going to try speed for the first time, anything i need to watch out for? besides getting ripped off?

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My advise is: DONT do meth!

My advise is: DONT do meth! Thats ignorant. Dont become so bored with life, to where you have to refer to a drug like meth. Go see a movie or read a book or something. Maybe find a new group of friends. That stuff will lead you straight to rock bottom. And i never saw anything fun about it. Ive tried it, and honestly it was a waste of money. I should have taken my girl out to eat with the money i spent on that crap.

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my experience with acid

im 19 years old and i just recently tried acid for the first time this past sunday august 31 2008, however i have been experimenting with olther hard core drugs since i was 15 years old. It started when i got into high school. It wasnt my friends who really got me to give into the peer pressure but my family. I figured that they where supposed to be the people in my life that care about me the most and if they were doing it and telling me to do it then it couldnt be that bad so at 15 years old i took my first ecstacy pill with my cousin for her birthday...then i tried coke for the first time with my aunt. Then i began meeting kids in high school as a freshmen who shared the same intrest as me and i continued to use more drugs more frequently. I couldnt tell you for how long ive been telling my friends and family that i was going to change my life style get my self on the right path and head in a new direction but i could never really find the strenght to let go and seperate from the life ive lived for so long and i just continued getting fucked up all the time. My acid experience lasted from sunday when i took it at 10 untill i finally fell asleep tuesday morning at 9!! And now its thursday and im still not quite back to my "normal self" and although part of me regrets what i did i also wouldnt take it back for the world because it opened my eyes to the "real" world and how amazing it is.

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Brings about a sense of Disillusionment

I am researching this apparently popular drug to discuss with my college age daughter. I am saddened to read about 'trippers' giving 'advice' on doing a 'safe' trip. Shame on you. Facing your life is the hardest and most rewarding 'trip' you can take. Escaping into a drug 'trip' is a cowardly existence reserved for scared pathetic child-minded adults that are out-of-control. The future looks bleak for those of you hiding behind drugs and escape trips. I have attended two funerals in the past year of two 21 year olds dying from drugs. Their families are shattered and their dead drug tripping children are gone. Permanently. If you choose a drug filled existence, know you are treating your gift of life as a joke. Your chances of an early death have just increased greatly. A brave person would walk away from drugs. Get a backbone. Get a life.

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well actually

well actually doing acid does NOT make you die at a young age. look at timothy leary, he probably did acid like 3000 times!! he is STILL living and hes 103 now! and good health!
you do not research the drugs you want to scorn. you simply say their bad 'cuz their "DRUGS!" try them yourself and you'll see our perspective on life.

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just wondering

ive never done it before but i would like to know how it effects you before i ever do try it if i do. because i dont want to have a bad trip and do something stupid. my dads friend had a badddd trip and killed hisself while he was trippin cuz he thought someone was tryn to kill him and he jumped out a window but how can u control the effects of acid. like can u control if ur gunna have a bad trip or not?

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Basically, every person who

Basically, every person who has a bad trip either does it at a young age, doesn't research the effects, or is in the wrong place with the wrong people.

Be smart, aware, and don't listen to bullshit urban legends. I've had fellow college students tell me that LSD causes your brain to bleed into your spinal column, which makes you trip. How does that even make sense? The fat cell storage is a bunch of bullshit as well. LSD is unlike anything else in the world, and of course if you're going through a bad experience with it, it will seem so profound that you may be haunted by the effects for a quite long time (don't eat strong acid until you know what you're doing!)

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This is just for everyone

This is just for everyone that is stupid enough to think that LSD isnt dangerous:
Yes its true that not everyone will have the same effect from it, but I've done mushrooms once (and not lsd a 100 times like most of you of whom I'm surprised you're still alive) when i was 15 "for the experiment" and I had the biggest bad trip ever. Apparently i was really sensetive for it, and then it went on for 2 years of 24/7 psychosis, medication and therapy. You're all gonna say "i already had it in me" but the fact is that hallucinogenic drugs change things in your brain, even one little mushroom can do this! I know it's the most exciting and interesting thing to just trip away but I think anyone who wants to do it should really look things up about it first and make it a safe trip.
To the mom with the psychotic son: Tell him that i had it to and it gets better and goes away after time, I had risperdal as well and it really got me through it.

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Just because you got better

Just because you got better and because a particular drug benefited you doesn't mean that he will, or that a drug that worked for you will work him as well. Which is not to diminish hope, but to say that if risperdal doesn't work for him then they shouldn't lose hope because people don't respond in the same way to drugs, whether recreational or prescription.
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Hey, I don't know if you've

I don't know if you've ever been psychotic but, basically when you are you don't believe you'll ever get better because you're not actually sure to be alive or not. All that this boy needs is hope and understanding. And good anti-psychotics.

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with LSD, the reason people

with LSD, the reason people continue to experience flashbacks of the drug is because LSD is siuch a strong drug, and very pure, it stores in body fat, instead of blood stream. by storing in the body fat it enables the drug to have to ability 're activate' whenever the body fat particles move around. so when the body fat particles shift, change or move there is a possibility of a secondary trip, or similar side affects of the drug. this is why some people experience life 'stuck in an acid trip' as the amount of acid consumed is enough to create constant and often 'secondary trips' even one tab of acid can cause this reaction, it is just more common with copious amounts of acid.

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To Scared Mom

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I have myself done LSD a number of times, but not so much as these people (or, apparently, as much as your son). It is physically impossible to take LSD the next day-- it does absolutely nothing. Those of you dropping "every three days" are completely nuts for doing so, and honestly you deserve whatever comes to you. While it is not at all dangerous as a drug (in fact it is less physically disruptive than aspirin), the places it takes you are not entirely rational nor logical; hence, if you do too much, or do it too often, you'll absolutely fall out of touch with "the real world". This is an obvious side effect of being in such a grossly different level of reality for 8-10 hours.

From your comment, Scared Mom, it does seem that your son was a) already at risk for some psychological issues, as LSD can bring these to the fore even if they aren't known (not so much with mushrooms, which are pretty benign and not nearly as intense), and b) he likely did way, way, WAY too much. I sincerely hope that he finds some relief, as I can only imagine what you and your family are going through. I would be scared of using antipsychotics more than I'm scared of LSD, however. Antipsychotics cause permanent and very large changes to the brain and nervous system.

But seriously, guys:
LSD is a tool to profoundly alter your awareness and give you new insights. It is a way to see the world as if you've never seen it before. But it's stronger than you-- and if you overdose or overuse it, it will come back to bite you. Spiritual teachers throughout history have understood these risks, but the people taking these drugs seem to have no idea. Everything I've heard on this forum has reeked of abuse, neglect, and abject stupidity.

Please, for your own sake, listen to this mother and realize that YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND READY.

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Scared Mom

You are total idiots to be gambling with your brains. My son just came back from college and has schizoeffective symptoms from his experimentation with LSD and Mushrooms.He is constantly sufferin; we are trying to stailize him with anti-psychotic medicines. Seroquel and abilify did not work. It looks like rispideral
might be helping. He is in a 4-day a week dual diagnosos program and is facing the loss of what he once one.

I am scared to death. Any input?

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@Scared Mom + My story

Can you elaborate on this Scared Mom? I think I am going through something similar and would like to know more about your what happened to your son and how he is being treated.
I have been trying to work through it by meditation, good balanced diet including Omega-3, and trying to become more in touch with myself, but it has been hard on me.

I am now a sophmore in college and last year experimented with lsd (4 times, most taken at a time 2.5 hits), shrooms (3 times, most taken at a time 3 grams), dxm (once, 300-500 mg), molly (2-3 times, a point at a time), ecstasy (3 times, one pill at a time), weed (tons), nitrous (20 charges overall?), and drinking 1-3 nights a week. I had never experimented with any of these before except for weed which I had been smoking for 2+ yrs in high school.

After my experimentation with all of these drugs in first semester and first half of second semester, things started to go down hill and I could feel myself changing for the worse. Everyday tasks have become more difficult, I have lost motivation, experience mild depression, lost concentration, fatigued often, and my memory seems less sharp. Also, I used to be very social with a lot of friends, now I find myself avoiding social situations and keeping to my room more. The only physical issue I have is at my last physical my doctor told me I have slightly higher blood pressure than normal (I am not overweight at all). Everything else seems to be stemming from my mind. All together I have become a more unhappy person.

Recently I started searching the internet for possible issues I may have developed. I have loosely settled on "schizoeffective symptoms" or "derealization" as possible abnormalities I have been experiencing. I am fine for a week, then I will become really out of it for a week or so, then I am back to "normal". The morning after a night of drinking my "symptoms" seem to be worse for 24-48 hours. It is really strange and I wish I could get over this once and for all although it doesn't seem to be improving very much. My school work isn't suffering so much except for my class participation and sometimes I am so unmotivated or fatigued that I will just skip an assignment (or class) even if I have ample time to get it done.

Like I said earlier I have been trying to work through it on my own and haven't shared my issues with anyone, but I feel like people can see that I have changed. (One of my roommates once said "Old Rob used to be so happy and friendly, what happened to him. New Rob isn't as much fun.", I didn't know what to say in response but I definitely took it to heart) For the past 5 months or so I haven't done any drugs except for drinking and smoking weed about 5 times total.

Thanks for reading. If anyone has any suggestions or similar experiences I would be very interested in hearing about it.

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reply to scared mom

hi there - im really sorry to hear what your son is going through, it sounds terribly painful for both him and your family. I myself have done acid several times, as well as mushroom and i feel i understand quite well the emotional effects these drugs can have on the mind. I do agree with the other person who replied, your son obviously had some deeply rooted phycological issues, and both these drugs can really bring things like that to the surface..the thing to understand is that these drugs allow the mind to work in a beautiful and powerful way, and they allow us to connect to deeper levels of ourselves. The drugs havent caused this massive shift in his personality..all the drugs did was open up a window through which your son saw himself and his life and his reality from a different perspective. I don't agree with trying to medicate your son back to what your family would consider to be 'normal' behavior. He needs to understand how powerful his mind is and that if he works towards controlling that power he will be able to harness the energy that is causing his system to over-load right now. I would suggest trying to introduce him to lucid dreaming, so that he can practice confronting his fears and over coming the obsticals that at this point are blocking his way. Also energy work might help..if he feels more connected with his energy he will feel more in control of the world around him. everything will be ok..just stay postivie and try to understand him.

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We all do cid and shrooms...

Tell your son to stop OD'ing on extacy, and ruining the half decent drugs for the rest of us.

Yes, I know that, its what he did. I was inpatient rehab for 6 weeks after OD'ing on extacy. He's just crying about it so mommy and daddy aren't mad.

10$ says he does it again.

You don't need to be worried, just ask your son what he TRUTHFULLY did at college

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When I was 14 I went to these guys house with my step sister and smoked weed, a couple of second after that I felt weird, like I wasn't in my body and then as I was on my way to sleep I saw my self in front of me and jumped up, and told by sister, me and my stepsister were staying with, as I talked to them the feeling went away. I got up the next day and went to school; I started thinking about that day and the feeling came back, I left school and had to tell my parents, I thought I was going to lose it. My stepfather told me what he went through when he was younger and how he dealt with it and told me that I just have to forget about it and it will go away. I am 24 now and the feeling has came back between this time period and went away once I get my mind off it, but now its back and the thing about this is that I don't even be thinking about that and the feeling comes, why is it still affecting me and am I going to lose it?

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im 15 and im curious....ive

im 15 and im curious....ive been experimenting, and i wanted to know if i should try acid. A lot of people think drugs are good expieriences in life as long as you dont abuse them. I just want to try it once but i need a little more info. before i do it. I just want to if its true that you really hallucinate. i smoke weed and drink on the weekends with my friends and i like that feeling so does acid feel like that a kind of thc high or do you just trip balls and go insane??

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Not yet kiddo

OK, I hope I'm not too late but don't listen to that Bozo who's telling you to do acid. Anyone that says it's not that big of a deal probably hasn't even done it. I know you're 15 and when I was that age I smoked pot and drank, too. It really is totally normal as long as you keep it under control. I would like to steer you away from anything harder than pot, but if you are anything like me (and it sounds like you are) you probably won't listen. My advice, if you are curious about hallucinogenics, is to try mushrooms first. Make sure they're stems and not chocolates and you should have a good time as long as you're with friends. Shrooms are more of a body high, but you definitely get some mild visuals and they really are fun to do with friends. Make sure you have pot because it definitely enhances the feeling. I tried acid and I didn't like it at all, way too intense and not in a good way. Plus, you are way too young to try something that has the long-term effects acid has. If you want to do it later in life that's your decision, just not yet. Be careful and safe kid.