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The Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs on The Brain

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The Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs on The Brain

Alicia Ebbitt

Hallucinnogenic Drugs alter a person's perceptions of reality and may cause hallucinations and other alterations of the senses. Drugs classified as hallucinogens include: LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetime(DOM), N,N-dimethyltrptamine(DMT), psilocin, and mescaline. There are two aspects of these drugs that classify then as hallucinogens. They all have common side effects, including distortion of sensory perception, and other psychic and somatic effects. These drugs also exhibit cross-tolerance. This means that a user of hallucinogenic drugs develops a higher tolerance to hallucinogens, the more they are used and the shorter the time span is between the last usage.

Hallucinogenic drugs have been used throughout history for a number of reasons. They have been used as medicinal agents as well as having served religious purposes. Hallucinogens such as mescaline have been used in Native American ritual ceremonies. There was extensive usage of hallucinogens in the 60's and 70's as part of the counter- culture hippie movement. During the "acid tests" of this era, hallucinogenic drugs were used for mind exploration (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work").

Hallucinogenic drugs cause both physical and psychological effects on humans. The physical effects of these drugs include: dilated pupils, elevated body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, appetite loss, sleeplessness, tremors, headaches, nausea, sweating, heart palpitations, blurring of vision, memory loss, trembling, and itching. A user of hallucinogenic drugs will also experience a number of psychological alterations in the brain. These drugs may cause hallucinations and illusions as well, as the amplification of sense, and the alterations of thinking and self-awareness. It is quite possible to have a bad reaction to hallucinogenic drugs. This is referred to as a "bad trip" and may cause panic, confusion, suspicion, anxiety, and loss of control. The long-term effects of these drugs can be quite dangerous. These long-term effects may include: flashbacks, mood swings, impaired thinking, unexpected outbursts of violence and eventually possibly depression that may lead to death or suicide.

Quite a lot of interest concerning hallucinogens has been generated by neurobiologists and other scientists. The effects that hallucinogenic drugs have on the brain are quite complicated and very interesting. Many users of hallucinogenic drugs have experienced whole personality changes which raises questions about the relationship between brain and behavior. Scientists are also curious as to how total alterations of the senses can occur as the result of hallucinogen usage. Many people that have used hallucinogens claim to have "seen sounds" or "heard colors". Scientists ask questions such as: How can a person under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs see things that aren't there? or How do flashbacks work? Another aspect of hallucinogenic drugs that interests scientists is that they are psychomimetic meaning that they mimic certain aspects of psychosis. Through the use of hallucinogenic drugs, one can induce temporary symptoms of psychosis.

As a result of the great interest in hallucinogens, many years of research have been done to try and determine exactly how the brain is affected by these drugs. Scientists have tried to determine if there is a specific site in the brain where hallucinogens act. This has been difficult to determine. Scientists still are unable to answer all questions about hallucinogenic drugs. However they have been able to determine certain areas of the brain that these drugs do act upon.

Early on in the reasearch on hallucinogens, it was determined that hallucinogenic drugs structurally resemble serotonin (5-HT) Serotonin is found in specific neurons in the brain that mediate chemical neurotransmission in the brain. Neurons containing serotonin can be found in the brain stem section of the brain. Axons of serotonergic neurons project to almost every part of the brain, affecting and communicating with all sections of the brain. Serotonin also acts at many receptor areas of neurons. Because hallucinogenic drugs are structurally similar to serotonin, it was theorized that hallucinogenic drugs may act upon serotonergic neurons (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work").

Scientists began to carefully study the serotonin system and found out that hallucinogens do in fact have some kind of effect on serotonin. Hallucinogenic drugs cause an increase in the level of brain serotonin, but they inhibit the rapid firing of neurons containing serotonin. This is a negative feedback system in which as the serotonin level rises, the activity of serotonergic neurons decreases. It was originally theorized that this effect of hallucinogenic drugs directly caused sense alteration and hallucinations. Several observations however have shown this theory not to be true. These observations include the following: Low doses of LSD effect behavior, but do not depress firing of serotonergic neurons, The behavioral effects of LSD outlast the alteration of the firing of the serotonergic neurons, Repeated dosage of LSD results in a decrease of behavioral changes, but still effects neuron firing, Other hallucinogens do not affect serotonergic neurons, When serotonin levels are depleted, the effectiveness of LSD is not eliminated (Ian Leicht, "Postulated Mechanisms of LSD").

It has now been determined that the effects of hallucinogenic drugs are actually caused by the effects that hallucinogenic drugs have on the post-synaptic activity of serotonergic neurons. Hallucinogenic drugs directly affect the serotonin receptors(specifically the serotonin receptor subtype, 5-HT2), which is what eventually results in a complex pattern of action potentials and activity. This was proven by the fact that the depletion of serotonin levels in animals does not result in a decrease of behavioral effects caused by hallucinogenic drugs (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work").

Hallucinations and other effects of hallucinogens are however very complicated experiences. They are not simply a part of a cause and effect system in the brain, where hallucinogenic drugs act on serotonin and cause hallucinations. Instead, hallucinogenic drugs act initially on the serotonin system, which sends into motion, a pattern of complex action potentials and activity. Other neurotransmitters may be involved in these activities as well. The effects that inputs and outputs have on each other in this system as well as the pattern of action potentials mediated by hallucinogenic drugs help to cause many of the complex changes that allow hallucinations to happen. (B.L. Jacobs, "How Hallucinogenic Drugs Work") Scientists continue to do research to determine the exact effects that hallucinogens have on the serotonin receptors and to answer any questions that they cannot yet answer.


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Comments made prior to 2007

When you list the drugs in the beginning of your article you list lsd psilocin and mescaline. But "psilocin" is not actually the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms. The correct term is "Psilocybin". Just thought I'd point that out ... Daniel, 19 February 2007


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A-BOMB: "An Easy Trip?"

We thought that we all could flirt w/ this, "No problem", and it got really ugly. Do you see? It mastered us all. Were only better. A very special thank you to Jesus now. From Jacksonville, FL.

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I've read all the comments

I've read all the comments below cause i also have some sort of side effect lately so i goole it and end up here,
Anyway,here's my story.
I'm 22 years old,done drug last year,LSD(2 time),2ci(3 times),weed(10+maybe),I'm not a drug type person,just want to try,and in my last 2ci bad try I almost kill myself,then I decided quit all the drug and seeking spiritual way.
After Vipassana,I eventually found what I want in Tibetan Buddhism step by step.

Now I'm a buddhist,vegetarian,quit smoking/drinking almost 1 year,and my mind is more clear.
But still,i will never forget every trip I ever had,and whatever the past is,I felt greatful for those life changing experiences,but now I don't need drug anymore.

Sometimes I still have those psychedelic feeling when totally drug clean,but I know I'm getting better,day by day.
Buddha can give you all the answers in the world,including what drug offers you.
We don't need drug,we need religion.

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i have been reading many of

i have been reading many of these comments and there is one trend that remains consistant throughout the posts, religion. so many of you say you were atheist or a nonbeliever until you found God but you never stop to remember what helped you find god. the same thing you condemn helped many of you find your religious calling. And drugs are terrible when they are abused there is no doubt about that but you have to realize that you also can become so much more aware on these drugs. If you truly want a religious experience go out to the forest to camp with a bonfire and guitar and drop shrooms. life changing experience. You learn so much about yourself and what you want from life by doing that. But to just blatantly accuse all drugs to be evil without the chance is ridiculous and absurd. You might as well go after caffeine and sugar since they are turning my generation into a bunch of lazy computer-centralized culture. I was 210 pounds at 15 when i was at a massive bonfire and tried LSD which changed my life. Made me realize that I needed to lose weight for my health and also helped me understand what i want, professionally and romantically as well as my friendships. Yes I cut people off who were headed for a bad direction but you can not place all drugs into one box and call it good. Finally at the age of 17 I am 137 pounds and in the greatest shape since I was 11, running every day while also being able to enjoy marijuana, having a job, a car, 3.1 gpa. Maybe I'm just a exception but I like to think that it's because of that magical night I had a couple of years ago

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i like pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!

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Ring-ring!! It’s my friend Mr. Ed Colton, and he has a book which he and a close friend of theirs (MR and Mrs. Colton) wrote. Their book is titled: “From a Mafia Widow to God’s Child”. I’ve got to go; we’ll talk in a little while If I may have just a moment to speak with you all. If you like to roll up a joint, you can’t go one day without smoking marijuana because you keep on jonesing for it; you’re a youth, what I’ve just described, you maybe fit in the picture, or maybe you’re an adolescent and you’re not quite yet 18, and you run with the wildest bunch in the town, get the book. I want you to get the book.

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Pretty much just making this post, to point out...that God cannot help you with your drug addiction. Only YOU can help yourself. If you, or a loved one have used and/or using the drug currently....start going to special meetings to halt this addiction. I mean, it isn't like there is no one out there to help you. First things first, talk to your kids/friends/neighbors about the harsh realities of could/will prevent more drug users in the future. I am only 17, but I have been offered weed and other substances since I was 10. I have never picked up a cigarette or a needle, and I am in almost perfect help. My only addiction, is to the drink Sunny D. I've got family and friends who do drugs, and I try my best to talk them out of doing such things. They all go to church and whatnot, like that helps -.- I do not go to church, I do not need "God" to keep me on the straight and narrow, on a path of purity through life...or whatever it is that people say. Just do not start the drug in the first place...and if you have been on the drug...see someone about it. And never start a drug due to life problems, there are better means of getting over your problems without the use of a deadly substance. I've seen far too many suffer from the effects of drugs, and I do not want to have to hear about someone else's death because they tripped out on LSD or something of that sort, and killed themselves.

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I've tried Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

With no special regard to the "out of body" phenomenon: I still do not like where it took me. "In the body, out of the body, and then in the body again", I still am in no possition to assert that all. Whoever coined the term/expression mind -expanding was a little looney. Were'nt they? If a person is going to pass away wouldn't it be better for that individual to pass on without having an illicit drug problem?

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Believe in Devils (?)...

I'm speaking to some of you. If you repent now, and go to work for someone (just keep in touch with a few law abiding citizens) you will help us all to slow & to stop this devastating habit or destructive trend.(consider it) Fewer people serving prison time. Hallucinogens can cause unpredictable behavior. Some of you are going to die if you keep on, because Law Enforcement has to use force on the dangerous individual posing a threat. Some, in times past, have resisted arrest and others have assaulted a Law Enforcement Officer. It has risks and it will be to your own expense !

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Mind Altering Drugs

Don't do it. Really, it's a lot of trouble that you cant afford.

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I turned to drugs for everything. I believed it was the solution...It was before 11 P.M.. It was 1993, I was staying over Mr. Bodenshatz house for the night. I was feeling excessively hot one moment then cold the next. I started having tremors in both legs. The sense of calm left and what I had would next begin to experience would defy reason a little bit; fear, fear an immense fear without provocation (sum of every fear, of diverse fears that most would experience over a lifetime). This is where I seem to draw a blank untill I rose up to go walking. I believe that outer darkness was holding me. There was indeed some hallucinating (when I felt a little normal again). I walked the North Side with someone. One other reason for my belief (i.e. it's a Locale 1, an O.B.E.) ? Ans: The weighty burden that's so hard to shed !

Do anything like that again ? I never will, I settled it at about 11 P.M. on the N. Side, at the Bodenshatz home-- never again !

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Think that you can't change ?

Yes, I'll be certain to speak of God. I sure as heck don't fear simply a man who may destroy me in this life, and may never destroy my soul. Friend, the key to eternal security is Jesus Christ. His word-- the bread of life. Don't partake unworthily. Be a hearer and a doer. I can never say that some one abusing a substance is right. It's so wrong.

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Amen, I became a follower of

Amen, I became a follower of Christ after years of drug abuse.
I used LSD Many times but TRULY regret it now. I honestly believe it has affected the way I think in such a profound way.
I think about things in such great detail and depth. Which sounds great but my mind does not rest. I think and think and think about things that don't really matter. I see things in ways that many people do not, and it is a burden to be a part of society at times with people who have not altered their minds in the ways I chose to.
I suggest if you're thinking of doing acid, be aware there are consequences that will affect the rest of your life. Be wise and move forward with your life. there is life without drugs, without hate. There is hope and goodness and beauty without the escape.
Where the trip takes you. God can give you an even greater experience. I've done every drug in the book just about and there is NOTHING greater than the name of JESUS

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effects of lsd

This guy shared in his testimony that he did alot of drugs and then got saved in teen challenge. I really believe he is still suffering the effects of his drug use and was not truly healed of the damage it has done, yet he has truth, but you can truly still see the effects:

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Follower of Christ

Love your post and agree with you 100%. Whether people believe it or not it is a fact that we can do all thing through Christ Jesus. I know I been there and am so blessed to had come back to Him.

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Temporary Psychosis

I took LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms on a regular basis in college for 2 years. My belief at the time was this would augment the use of marijuana and alcohol to escape emotional pain, self-medicate, and search for a deeper self-understanding. It was difficult to translate the drug induced experience to the few times I was not high.....although I do feel that these drugs helped my academic performance by masking my deep sense of self-loathing and depression.

After a time, I felt that the way to move forward with inner exploration was to take larger doses of hallucinogenics in the hopes of achieving a temporary psychosis. It was my belief, that experiencing a form of temporary insanity would lead me to greater truths about myself and the world. So on four separate occasions I took 7 hits of acid, 10 hits of acid, 15 hits of acid, and then an ounce of psilocybin mushrooms (made me vomit). These were intensely uncomfortable experiences and whatever insights, images, or meaning was derived, I was unable to translate to a non-drug experience at that time in my life.

I am now 53 years old and 24 years sober. With nostalgia, I fondly look back on these earlier attempts to search for meaning and spirituality. If not for the drive to examination myself, I would not be sober or alive today.

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I have similar issues to what you used to have and I recently have started using acid I find with every use I have benefited, the only thing is I'm worried if I continue the use of it I'll become dependent on it and my life with go in the gutter. How do you know if you're using it casually to crossing the line to severe addiction. Everyone I'm around assures me it's find and that it won't harm me nor will I get addicted but they're all frequent users so I'm not sure whether to trust their judgement or not thus I am seeking a second opinion.

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LSD and addiction

From my research, I found that LSD is not attictive in itself. It is possible to become 'psychologically addicted' to any drug, however. No withdrawls or anything like that with LSD, however. The 'bad' possible side effects are suprisingly few, considering all the hype about LSD. I am a former user, more than 15 years clean. I was never addicted to it in any sense, and i do have whats called 'an addictive' personality. I can't condone drug use, but if someone were to try some LSD i would suggest doing it at home, with several trusted (and sober) friends to watch out for you. The effects begin up to an our after ingestion, and end within 8-12 hours, depending on the dosage. A good nights sleep AFTER the effects have worn off is the best thing for it. Like I said, make sure you have good, trustworthy friends around you, to calm you down if need be. Using this drug in the home, or somewhere familiar and comfortable would be advisable. Take into account your state of mind BEFORE using LSD. If you're generally happy you will most likely have a 'good trip'. If, howver, you are angry, upset, etc, you will most likely experience what is know as a 'bad trip'.

I hope that this has helped, even a little. There is so much information out there about the good and bad of lSD, please do some research first before using. At least to know somewhat to expect. Again, I hope my lil rant has been helpful.

Do take care, and I would be interested in hearing how things go for you.


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I don't know how your use of

I don't know how your use of acid effects you. The fact you have concerns about the possibility of addiction means something. There is no easy way of determining if you are being harmed, unless there is a noticeable short term change that you link to drug use. It is more difficult to site a baseline that you can use to monitor long term effects. The line between casual use and addiction is not well defined (blurred) and although each individual experiences the demarcation between the two differently.....there are some commonalities to look for. For example, if you begin to define how you see the world from the perspective of the drug experience, then your identity (and the wiring of your brain) begins to shift in that direction.

As humans, our brains are all wired to seek pleasure...that is how we survived (eat, have sex, etc)....drug experiences (among many other things offered up by modern society) give different meaning to what constitutes pleasure. Unfortunately for us, the results of this experiment are not we don't have hindsight or wisdom to help guide us. So to some extent we are all lab rats in this great experiment in neuro-plasticity (re-wiring of the brain).

So when you speak of your experience of benefiting with every sounds like a gift. One concern I have is how can any human have an accurate perspective on the effects of how their thinking and being interacts with technology, because consciousness and thinking in humans evolved at a time when survival and reproduction were the driving determinants of genetic selection. We have the wonders of modern technology, with the nervous system and emotions of stone age humans.

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Psychedelics like LCD,

Psychedelics like LCD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, mescalin, DMT ect. are not physically addicting drugs. Yes they can have mentally addicting qualities but that is dependent on the user. These drugs (not including narcotics, alcohol, tobacco or any other street drug) can be very beneficial if used correctly. I "trip", using LSD most frequently, approximately once every two to three weeks. Although I would like to use them more frequently I don't because I feel that drugs need to be respected and done safely in order to find the benefits. I also have suffered from sever depression and anxiety and know how debilitating it can be. Using psychedelics has been very beneficial on my road to recovery and self-exploration. Aldous Huxley says it better than I ever could in his book Heaven and Hell. As a neuropsychology major I hope to study in more depth the psychological effects of psychedelics because little to no research has been done on them. I hope one day they will not be looked at as a "drug" but a way to aid in the expansion and exploration of the mind.

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I have 17 year old who is

I have 17 year old who is struggling now with the effects of this drug and he is an entirely different person from a few months ago, I am working to get him into rehab. How were you able to kick it?

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re: 17 year old who is

I appreciate the courage it took to share your experience. I have children who are close to that age, so I can only imagine how disruptive and painful your situation could be. When I went to rehab at age 29, I quite literally was faced with the choice of quit or die. Although I felt a sense of defeat that I didn't drug/drink myself to death, there was also an unburdening of feeling trapped in an existence that felt horribly and painfully out of control. I was in so much pain, I was ready to try something different. It took time, life experience, suicide attempts, and a previous failed rehab for me to become ready.

As for your child getting into rehab.....age 17 is a very different place to be in life, than when I went to rehab. What I mean is that it is difficult to get and stay sober when it is your choice.....and more difficult under other circumstances. On the other hand, if you act quickly while he/she is still a minor they may be some legal remedies. You may be able to make decisions for your child, without the child's consent or agreement, as long as the child is a minor. If the personality changes have made him/her difficult to reach, a professionally structured intervention may provide an opportunity to expose your child to a different perspective on drug use. Are there any resources in your community, your schools, or professionals that could help you?

I don't know your child. At age 17. drug use certainly makes sense as a response to past trauma, current pain, and useful as a strategy for non-compliance with authority, relationships, societal norms or expectations.

For some people drug use is an existential solution to living in a world they believe to be not of their creation, where the inevitable collision between advanced human technology and stone age human emotions leaves people dislodged from any sense of being grounded in a safe or meaningful existence.

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Effected by shrooms

I'm 18 years old and did shrooms back in july it is now September and i still feel the effects of "tripping" and seeing things and looking at things and they start moving. I just want it to stop and to never do them again! does anyone know a solution? detox of the body? anything?

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Not true

I don't buy it. You are over-exaggerating the effects of this drug and are quite simply spreading misinformation. Even if you did develop HPPD (which has not been confirmed to exist), those are not the symptoms of it and it is normally after massive amounts have been ingested for long periods of time.

I must say though that I do sometimes see certain things that REMIND me of tripping, but I am most certainly not tripping.

So, there are two possibilities:

A: You are lying/observing a placebo.
B: The psychedelics have speed up the development of schizophrenia or a similar disorder that was already on its way... which again, almost always takes more than one trip.

These kind of statements appall me.

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Effected by shrooms

I am so sorry.... at least its not a bad trip right? just a really annoying one.. you' re stuck for life... sorry again

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Why I am drug-free now

Now? Now-a-days I have a reason to remain drugfree , because I don't feel short changed in this life. My mother? My mom is not a bad mom. My father? How would you like to be told that I dialed 9-1-1, then police came out with thier guns and got very real with him. Dad never struck me again after that.

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People treat me like dirt because they don't understand deliverance. They can only stuggle, and they struggle very hard with the potential effect of Canabis and LSD. They try to apply science to me, when I have been entirely delivered, and live for the Lord now. I have an attitude? YES I DO. The authorities see the offense, and do not often seek God's help to see the true nature and true mottiffs of their own, in regards to myself. The only thing I know about is little more than 60 hits in the span of time covering some of 1991 and most of 1992. For more than three months six to eight of us, or a few more, went through them all. Not everyday users. No one was exposed to massive quantities.Drug experimenters, and a juvenille offender (me) even, but no everyday user ever around. I was charged once when I had canibas. Not all of the authorities are so ignorant some have recieved a new heart from Christ, (Christ, Jesus) after hearing the Gospel. I can have confidence in them. IT"S THE REST !!!

Serendip VisitorEric M. Wiggin's picture

Mission Heavenward

I've once heard the testimony of someone that had a Locale 1 vision, an out of body experience and went to Hell, all while messing with LSD. I've asked myself from time to time if I've had one too, but I am more firmly convinced that it was merely a bad trip. I experienced panic, and I had thoughts and perceptions, and so forth, that left me really terrified at that time. I had the fear that I was never going to return to my right mind ever again. I never went bak to the stuff. I've placed my faith in Jesus Christ since. Am I plain crazy? Am I born again?

Serendip Visitor's picture

Thinks this.

In my opinion if you want a real true experience of spirituality like Jesus and Lord Buddha and other great than Meditation is the one of the best ways. But drugs is not the way.


shari's picture


Jesus is THE answer. He has it all! Not drugs, sex, etc.!

CooKiEz's picture


So if Jesus has it all, why doesn't he have drugs? I'm sure Jesus wouldn't mind sesh every now and again.

Serendip Visitor's picture


You seem to have done enough drugs to have lost the ability to spell and form sentences

Serendip Visitor's picture


You seem to have become very preachy and judgmental of others for someone who is a "Christian". Also, I have done shrooms a few times, not LSD yet, and I had an amaZing time.......

Serendip Visitor's picture

There is positive alternative and may be more powerful than this

Its very easy, but yet only true people understand. Its legal, positive, beneficial and takes you there which is real. True Real. It takes you to spirituality. ( Every true person, who try for spirituality, ( in my opinion) they will get)

One of the ways is (Proper) Meditation. (This is what I am talking about. This is the easiest
Everything is possible. Any person can leave any habit(s), if he wants. One of the ways is Meditation. And of course spirituality is great.

Check by your self.


Matthew's picture


Everything comes with a price, some of the consequences of taking drugs for long periods of time can be very bad in the long run. I've done my share of heavy drugs, in fact i was pretty much do or die dont give a hell type of person at the time and got myself into alot of things i should have never went anywhere near. But i do have to say the hallucineogenic's iv done (Lsd-xtc-shrooms-dxm-) Benadryl in large doses makes you loose you mind for just as long as an acid trip. When you want to use drugs to get high like i did things tend to get out of control. Control and moderation combined with certain drugs can have positive effects on your life. They can cure illnesses that are rare and hard to cure. They can help one become their true self, It opens you up to a world of love and appreciation. Mankind has free will and self indulging in something so powerful based upon greed was not the purpose of these drugs. Instead of being greedy and taking more than you should because your not high enough realize the potential your mind has and use it to learn. Knowledge is king and without it you could not survive. But if you could learn infinite knowledge you could very much live forever. Although that seems like a far fetched idea in todays day and age it really does not, People are not open enough and i believe Lsd or mushrooms may have some of the best eye opening effects known to man. Controlling your trip is important, dont get lost in useless thoughts, there are things out there worth discovering and there are things ment to be left alone. Fear and negativity is a huge factor in a "bad trip" if you let go of fear and realized your minds potential to keep you save you would have nothing to fear. Don't do too much. Dont do it if your under age as your mind and body has not yet matured and the trama's can be life threatening. When you dont understand something you cant control it. Research is key, do not do anything without checking its backgrounds from multiple sources. Realize with information you can prevent a "bad trip" Know your surroundings. Be familiar with the environment you are in. If the environment presents any negativity do not trip there. Positive friends can be an essential role in a perfect trip. Especially having a friend to trip with and a friend to help keep you physically and mentally safe. IF anybody needs any advice or information i have a damn computer shoved inside my brain lol, i believe lsd and trippy drugs made me able to learn at a faster than normal rate. I read about physics and listen to videos about spirituality and every single aspect that comes with it, including ancient theories and covered up truths.

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Still Trippin?


A friend's son has been acting as if he is tripping for about a year and a half. As time has gone on it's gotten worse but he does have moments that he comes out of it. I've been around many people while they were tripping and this is exactly how he acts. We are concerned that he will be treated with drugs that won't help him and or potentially cause more damage.

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Answer to still trip pin

Hi, my daughter took acid a few times and then almost a year ago a drug called 2ce. She hasn't been the same since: changed perceptions, occasional hallucinations, anxiety, depression, feelings of darkness. We've been reluctant to try medication as we feel like she is, in a way, recovering from a "brain injury" and want to give her brain the chance to return to normal functioning. She lost her job, most of her friends and is unable to function on a completely normal level.

Anyone who messes with their brain chemistry is playing with fire. To attain enlightenment, go the hard route of meditation and practice.

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Help me

My son said he started acid/pot together when he was 11. Now he is 18 and in jail. I need advice.
Desperate mom

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word from the wise

im currently 17 and i started weed when i was about 9 or 10 and i starded acid/L.S.D lot too much later im not quite sure what kind of advice your seeking but i can asure you that it was not the weed that possibly ended him in incarceration but more likey the acid when your under the effects of a mind altering suject such as acid your surroundings and community play the biggest roles in ones trip for instants a rave (techno/dubstep laser/light show)can appear anywhere from seeing hells pit become reality to heaven on earth and i mean that litterly so deppending on where he was is what could have happend...however if your seeking to helphim your best bet would be to while giving him space gently let him know what he means to you occaisionily let him know your becomeing worried about his habbits show that your worried though not like your trying to force him to top or change his life because doing so will only make him want to do that much more to prove he runs his own could possibly be a alongated experimental phase do to exposure at an early age by no means am i anywhere near a psychologist but i have been studing psychology for about 6 yeara now and it seems like hes not turning into a criminal by any means he's simply trying to expierience all asspects of life i hope that my knowlage has been of some insight for you and i hope you and your son will retain a strong relationship such as my mother an i have.

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The first time i started was

The first time i started was when i was 14. I started with weed and went straight to lsd and binged on that for a while. It takes a strong mind to make the decision to fix your problems yourself and realize that only he can change his life. I spent just 4 months in jail and when i got out i got into blow really bad and everything else. I ended up spending 2 months in a rehab and with a strong mind i stopped everything but cigs. Just support him and give him as much advice as you can. Explain that drugs are not ment to be abused no matter weather its illegal or legal over the counter stuff. Too much of anything can mess you up. Giving your body a break and learning about drugs is my substitute. In the last 6 years i have done lsd 3 or 4 times but only a couple of tabs. Rather than go crazy and take 7 or more like i used to i learned the value of moderation. Tell him to focus and its easy as hell to get back in the right track.

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so people who stop taking it

so people who stop taking it how long will it take them to return back to their regular state of mind

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very intersting

id like to know more about the effects of doing drugs on your brain...have u ever done air duster?

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the truth about hallucinogens

right, i'll get right to the truth about LSD. you have to be pretty brave to try a substance like LSD because it is a powerful and life changing/affirming experience - you will never forget it. so, to all those interested in changing the organic structure of their mind and soul potential i have this to say; the experience can often be frightening/ puzzling/ disturbing/ emotional /strange etc, and if you arent expecting such an experience then i advise you to stay well clear of any hallucinogen. however - these are experiences you will all live through in your lifetimes, and LSD will treat you to a minimum of 12 hours of the wildest and strangest dream you have ever had and you will remember it well, someday! but until you do remember, look around you and remind yourself of who you are and what experiences changed your life, because LSD will be one of them.

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Do it or not to do it? PLEASE READ

Im a 22 year old woman now, i had an addiction to LSD at the age of 19, i lost my sister to cancer when i was 17 (her twin sister was still battling it) and started taking acid after that on a regular basis. by the age of 19 it had become an almost daily thing. i had left uni at the end of 2008, going back every now and then to start up again (i was doing a double major in psychology and classical guitar), but i was too fucked. i had no job, and busked as a living while still living at my mums house. LSD had become my heroin. i needed it all the time, couldn't wait to just trip and go through my daily bores with the glorious colours of the drug, see the wonderful thing no one else could see..
they say you can't physically get addicted to it, but when your only escape from the world is a beautiful drug that makes you think completely differently and see the world in so many shapes and colours, why wouldn't you want more? i mean, after all it, its not gonna kill you, so why do something like heroin or crack when you can have so much fun and see so much beauty on acid and not get physically fucked up! (unless of course you trip out and cut your arm off or something)
the only thing it can effect is your career, your family, your relationships, your memory, your life.
but hey, if you can deal with having to go to the doctor every couple of months to get your zyprexa (antipsychotic drug used for bipolar and schizophrenics) and zoloft(antidepressant) script filled so you don't trip out all the time (floors are ALWAYS moving, patterns everywhere in everything, people calling out to you, hearing things) then go for it.
And i stopped at the age of 21. its been a year of treatment and I'm still fucked
some people have adverse reactions to it, some people don't. but you gotta look at the pros and cons of taking it and see whether or not you would like to take the chance of spending the rest of your life mentally FUCKED UP, in and out of psychs all the time and basically having to rebuild your life.

I can't say i will ever regret having the experience as it was wonderful all the while being fucked up, whats done is done, BUT i can say that if i had another chance, i wouldn't touch it. i would be earning over 150 dollars every 45 minutes by the end of this year if i didn't -.-

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research is key

actually you can overdose on almost every drug in the world only one has been scientifically proven impossible to overdose on and thats marijauna and its not a drug its technically a flower so its an herb not L.S.D im only 17 and i already know that you should have never touched it if you dont even know you can overdose or become a "permi-fry" by doing it. meaning perminetly frying and it usually ends up in a mental istatution after that you can only go for so long straight seeing stuff lke that before you start believeing it is reality and go insane believeing so.....

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This is what happens when

This is what happens when you're greedy for that amazing world. Yes it's so so so great, but you cannot be greedy or you'll be punished in this way, and you truly got a bad punishment. It's disrespectful to it. You have to humble to this drug. Just use it to learn and know about you, and your world, and then you let it resonate within in you for a long amount of using what you've learned in this world that you've been put in to. Don't try to stay out of this one and in to another that's not where you're supposed to be, and you'll never truly be there you'll only fuck the things up in the world that you are. Just learn from that world, and take what you've learned with you in to this one. If you disrespect it; it will disrespect you back I'm sorry to say.

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bad trips are one thing

bad trips are one thing nearly losing your mind makes u happy for every moment of life but i say acid is as bad as as alot of other class a drugs depends on the enviroment if u start having a bad trip or dont like the people then leave the area

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i did it more times than i

i did it more times than i should of iv experienced hell nd heaven on it nearly lost my mind from it went through 20 hours of hell nd to tell u the truth its not worth it nd if u need to see it ur self then u can i have take 3.5 tabs taken tabs for 5 days straight could handle it but if u do it to much it damages your mind nd will leave u fuked like i am atm im 18 nd toke it probaly aropund 40 times when i was 17 if u do it do it twice or 3 times a year nothing wrong with doing it just dont do it 2 much nd prepare for it by working out doing martia arts nd meditating

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I have done Acid. and i can honestly say this it has changed my life for the better' i use to be so shy and acid opened my eyes to the reality which i believe everyone should experince. It has a spirtial effect and a person impact. But again this all depends on wether the person taking acid is ready: not just physical but mentaly. I had the most amazing experince of my life. Its like a world i have never seen before. you have to take chances in life to live' some you regret some you don't and i sure as hell dont regret acid. It was one of the best choices i have made. Acid didnt change the way i learn or iformantion that i have known. it did change how ever my point of veiw on life, in a complete good way. Just like Albert Hoffman the creater and founder of LSD said;
"I think that in human evolution it has never been as necessary to have this substance LSD. It is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be." You can not judge the effects of lsd ifyou have never incountered or experinced it yourself. you cant say that it destroys your brain' when ive done it more than once and my brain is healthy as ever. doctors found nothing in medical reports to be wrong with me when i went for my Cat scans. Lsd i belive is a life changing experince.

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LSD Ravished 17 years of my Life

Hallucinogenic drugs for one person are always a completely different life experience than for another person. The most important consideration when using a hallucinogen or any drug for that matter is your genetic propensity toward mental illness or brain chemical imbalances. The biggest regret I have is getting lured into using LSD and the Blaze at around 13 years of age. I didn't know what my family history for mental problems was at that time. Because I used LSD at 13, my life up until today (I'm age 30) has been a constant struggle and roller coaster ride in both my social and professional lives.

I now know that my mother's aunt had schizophrenia, my father suffered with depression/anxiety and some sort a sleep or attention disorder, and my mother has suffered with depression/anxiety and what seems to be an attention disorder. When I used LSD at 13, I began displaying signs of nervousness and paranoia with a constant discomfort with social interactions. This was a complete shift in my behavior before using the drugs. Just a week after using the Blaze, I went from dressing like a bright teenager to a complete slob because it was considered cool among other drug users. Around the age of 14 to 16 I had a complete break from reality. The dormant gene of schizophrenia I inherited from my mother's side of the family manifested and completely ravished my life until I stopped all drug use at age 18 to enter the military.

I went through several years of rehabilitation on my own while in the military. Finally the psychosis morphed into acute anxiety and schizoid disorder, a mild form of schizophrenia, both which were probably affected by a less noticeable form of depression. After I left the military, I went from living the military lifestyle overseas in Europe to living in my hometown attending college. The reverse culture shock created a pervasive anxiety that destroyed my attempts at healthy social life and caused me to obsess over my college grades to a point where I experienced two debilitating nervous breakdowns. Each nervous breakdown resulted in debilitating exhaustion that affected my ability to complete even the simplest of tasks, with the first nervous breakdown lasting about 1-1.5 months and the second last around 3 months. As a result I was forced to either retake the classes I was enrolled for or settle with the grade when the semester ended.

Finally I received psychological help and was put on clonazepam for short-term anxiety. After several years, my anxiety became manageable, but my school performance and motivation began to decline. I graduated with a high GPA of 3.6/4.0, but at much social and professional loss. My social life was superficial at best. At graduation, I discovered that I had adult ADHD that carried over from childhood. The ADHD needed to be treated with medication. I am now being treated for anxiety and depression as well as ADHD with medication. I had to pay almost 17 years of my life and most likely I will need to take anxiety and depression medication for the rest of my life because I aggravated the genes I inherited from my family tree with the use of LSD and the Blaze. If I hadn't used those drugs, I would have likely not have suffered the kind of brain damage LSD caused me.

The important point for anyone reading this is that I have experienced a lot of psychological disturbance because I used LSD. If you are the 2-3% of the population with rare family lineage that doesn't genetically predispose you to even the possibility of mental problems, then I would say you could use any drug you want and not undergo deterioration in your behavior. However, if you have dormant genes that come from close relative or even distant relatives, such as my mother's aunt with schizophrenia, you will likely aggravate those genes with the use of LSD because of its destructive effects and the stress it causes.

If I hadn't used drugs I would have mostly suffered with just ADHD, but the medication I used as a teenager would have most likely improved my behavior. My life would have been fairly normal or possibly exceptional because of my physical and mental qualities. I know that the price I paid for using drugs was at least about 17 years of my life.

Some people may have the propensity for anxiety or depression only, but even if the gene for the mental problem is dormant or from a distant relative, you will likely experience a shift in behavior characteristic of the gene that you carry. If you have depression, the use of LSD will shift your mindset and behavior toward a more depressed personality that may take therapy or many month if not years of sustained self-improvement to correct. The same with anxiety, if you take LSD, anxiety will either be aggravated as a dormant gene or amplify the active gene, so that from that point forward you feel more anxious in your everyday life. Another warning is introversion. If you are susceptible to introversion, drugs can lead to extreme cases of shyness and/or preference to less stimulating environments. You could be a complete extrovert as I was until I used LSD, then my parent's genetics that I inherited, lead to the propensity toward introversion, which ultimately manifested into utter isolation. Even if I was with peers, I was isolated in my head and felt uncomfortable just being in the presence of others.

When I experienced my first bad trip, from that point forward all my LSD trips were bad trips. I also experienced intense discomfort when using the Blaze. I eventually continued to use drugs but often removed myself from the social situation I used to get the drugs. Then, I isolated myself so that I could experience some enjoyment from the drug. My personality was prone to repeated drug use even though I was experiencing aversion to the drugs. One positive is that today I don't go near anything that alters my mind because when I did use drugs, I developed a very strong aversion to mind altering substances including caffeine.

The one positive of LSD is the philosophy of life I have developed because I spent many years of life experiencing intense inner struggle and pain. I was able, overtime, to morph my philosophy on spirituality and my perception on living life into a very lucid understanding with regards to the big picture of a human life. Many of the intangible ideas of quantum mechanics and advanced spiritual thought as well as how to live my own life, that are often misunderstood and neglected by the masses, were already developed in my mind or held tentatively in my mind before I learned about the idea from a more prominent thinker or scientist. I even pondered the ideas of Jesus and the Buddha before I learned them from their source. This belief system has allowed me to answer the most important questions in life and has allowed all my life experiences to become influenced by their answers.

I wouldn’t want to go back in time and relive my life because I am certain of my place in relation to my higher power. I am excited about where my life will end up and the evolution of my eternal soul. The excitement isn't always visible in my behavior, but it always keeps me company when life gets the most difficult providing a foundation of inner resilience.

If you believe you are the top 2-3% of people that don't have a genetic factor that could affect your mental state and behavior in an unhealthy way, then I would say use drugs once or twice to expand your inner awareness and self-knowledge. Hallucinating with drugs can lead to immediate and a life altering spiritual experience?

Dr. David Hawkins says that hallucinogenic drugs are way to experience spiritual states that the likes of Jesus and the Buddha spent their lives to achieve. For that reason, I would endorse the use of hallucinogenic drugs for a small portion of the global population; the rest of the population should avoid shortcuts to spiritual enlightenment. One of the benefits of hallucinogenic drugs though is the often lifelong pursuit of spiritual evolution to achieve the state that was experienced while on the drug. From experience I can testify that once you see the world on hallucinogens, you will understand how everything fits together. Dr. Hawkins says, you will feel uninhibited spiritually because all the blocks to the most spiritual experiences will fall away. He also states and I can say from experience, many people will spend the rest of their lives chasing an experience that usually takes many, many lifetimes to achieve. This means the drug will likely not only affect your genetic propensity for mental problems but will most likely steer your life down a path toward spiritual growth, which I think is a positive reason to use the drug, but hardly worth the pain if you create even a year of behavioral issues and mental disturbance as a result.

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10 years since my experience

Thank you mr hope.

You have just expressed all the feelings and wonders that i have been going through over the last 10 years since i took shrooms for the second time and boy it
was indeed a bad trip, only because i know i should never have gone back for more after the first batch that very same evening.
Yes i was in Amsterdam with some really good buddies of mine and for many years we all smoked a lot of weed,
The first lot was fine we all were having a real giggle and enjoying ourselves but when we went back for more and within an hour or so i just flipped out and got really parranoid and then totally lost who i was and then my friends became so distant to me i just felt so seperated from them which is hugely out of character.
And ever since then it is getting better day by day but i always have moments of pannick and my mind does always feel quite empty and i know deep down that i have not been myself ever since.
I am also very interested in astronomy and quantum theory and i do think i have an overwhelming insight into the known universe and the things around us,
I have also taken up meditation and have a fondness for the spiritual awakening ideology.
It is so nice to hear that someone has had the same experience as i did and also suffered the same after affects i really found it difficult to talk about them without coming across as someone who really needed psychiatric help, I would not do them if could go back in time knowing the way it has made me feel and act towards people i love and close friends but hey i suppose its just a continual progression of life and i really will get over it of that im sure i am that determined and wiil continue to grow stronger and stronger.

thank you once again
love and peace to all

a shroom survivor.. almost!