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Dec 20 2012 - 4:54pm

The exact origins of the dream catcher are unclear due to the destruction of oral Native American tradition by white settlers, but it seems that the dream catcher originated with the Ojibwe people, who refer to themselves as Anishnabe, meaning “first people.” As the most powerful...

Nov 25 2012 - 2:52am


          This is a history lesson about the future. The climate is changing at the most rapid rate in history. The years are hotter, sea levels are rising, arctic ice is melting, hurricane frequencies are increasing, infectious diseases are spreading north from the tropics, and crops...

Nov 23 2012 - 11:33pm

The much weather-delayed botanical exploration that froggies315, Srucara, and I led was part of our third web-event, the other parts being the class notes and a reflection. Here is that reflection, inspired by the class exploration, but also by recent readings, memories, musings, and opinions.


Sep 8 2012 - 8:42pm

reflections on a Walk


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Self Evalution

From Individual to Collective, and Sometimes Back Again -- Dec 21 2012 - 2:48am

I had more trouble working on this class through Serendip than I have with any other classes I’ve used Serendip for. I think that was because most of our class postings were so personal that they were hard to comment on. Yes you can discuss someone else’s experience, but there is only so much talking back I feel you can do because even reading about experience cannot place you there the same way the author was placed there. You can read, you can learn, but it won’t ever fully be yours. I’m not sure if other people felt the same way, but I definitely saw less discussion on Serendip, and I know that I engaged in less.

Our class discussions also had their ups and downs for me. At the beginning of the semester we had a good amount of reading, and when I take the time to do the reading for a class my hope is that we will have the chance to discuss it in class, an opportunity to grow in understanding and to try on different readings that others picked up on. My first frustration...

Learning to Grow, No Time to Waste -- Dec 14 2011 - 11:33am

My self evaluation for Precarious, Performative, Playful, Potential...Perspectives! 

I came into the class having never taken a gender and sexuality course, but ready to put in the time to hopefully still be a valuable presence in the class. Our first readings, Wilchins and Clare, left me feeling a little overwhelmed I have to admit, especially Wilchins. Clare gave me a story to hold on to, to follow, where as the feminist and gender theory referenced by Wilchins left me bemused and flailing. Was I going to be able to “fit in” to the culture of the class? Would it all be so theory-heavy?

As we moved forward into Price and Rosenblum I began to feel more at easy, enjoying the challenge of Rosenblum to interact, to read what he had to say but also to experience specific senses in the absence of others. Some of the things he talked about were things I knew but he put them in a new way that forced me to think...