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With eyes closed wide

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I opened this class with a Thoreauvian ramble that was in the form of a rhymed poem in iambic pentameter. In my final site sit I hope to show the influence of our botanical ramble and blind field shuttle, and to respond to Anne’s “push.”


To the left sun


and to all else the push push push of the wind


leaving shadows dancing


sounds fading


true blue sky and deadened brown leaves.


How long in this place? is every day a new breath of life


disturbed by the powdering of leaves into confetti and a sharp cold blade leveling the hibernating


the sleeping


the fighting


the surviving


the living


life of plants.


i  trespass in my presence


hearing breathing tasting seeing


stationary but ready to move.


reflection of life as now but future too


Ending only to begin again anew.