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Planning Our Collective Ramble (Dec. 3)

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We have agreed to share a collective ramble during class time next Monday, December 3. We will gather @ the Mill Creek restoration site, in Ashbridge Park (a 10-minute walk from campus); and design the day along the lines of the "dynamic structure"  froggies315 proposed, dividing into groups of 2 or 3 each to
1) open and close the wander
2) locate us @ the site via some history
3) and also via some poetry
4) supply food to fuel our wandering off on our own
5) lead us before and after the day (on-line or in class) in reflection about what's happened.

In a comment to this post, please indicate which group you want to join. Attend to the comments before yours, and distribute yourself evenly...let's see if this works! We need to agree who will do what by classtime on Wednesday.

Thanks for working so ecologically!




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I'd be happy to open and

I'd be happy to open and close our adventure. I would love to incorporate some of the history and poetry aspects in these activities, though, so if people who are covering those subjects would like to communicate with me, I'd be all ears! I'd also be open to doing something completely different and separate from anything involving the history/poetry of the place, if that sounds more appealing. 

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4, 5

Four and five look like they need more participants, so I will do either of those.

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It would be my pleasure to

It would be my pleasure to supply fuel for the trip

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I will happily do 1, 4, or

I will happily do 1, 4, or 5.

making food is my first choice.

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2) or 1)

I'm interested in 2) poetry but it seems like there's already two people interested so my second choice would be to 1)open and close

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3) I would also like to locate us via some poetry. I we can select some that's pertinant for our ramble.

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I'd like to reflect after the walk on our collective "Thoreauvian" ramble.

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2) I'd like to do some research about the restoration site and share it with the class.

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Definitely poetry. Would this involve writing poetry/reciting poetry/finding poetry about the park itself? The poetry should also be historically based on the restoration project?  

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if you want to do some of

if you want to do some of your own writing, I can send you whatever i find on the history of the project/area - let me know! - maybe we can work on something together?

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2) I'm really interested in finding out more about the water/creek restoration project.