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Half the Sky

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Hey everybody, I don't really know if this has any place in this Ecological Imaginings class, but maybe if we can imagine the preservation of women to be a form of ecology, not unlike the preservation of all plant life, animal life.

I just wanted to call everyone's attention to this excellent documentary currently being shown on PBS on Mon & Tues nights at 9:00 PM.  I imagine you guys have lots of time to watch films, yeah!  But this is an amazing series.

"Half the Sky" about gender based violence.

Here's the link to the first & second segment:



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Screening of Half the Sky, 8 p.m. Wed, Oct. 24

Dear Professors, Staff, and Faculty,

My name is Sheena Gopal (BMC ‘15), and I am the Campus Ambassador for the Bryn Mawr chapter of She’s the First, a group that raises funds to support girls’ education in developing countries. This Thursday, October 11, is the inaugural UN International Day of the Girl.  In honor of this occasion, we have developed the Week of the Girl at Bryn Mawr from October 22-26.

... the biggest events of the week are:
  - Wednesday Oct. 24, 8pm in TGH
       o A screening of the film “Half the Sky”, which tells the stories of 6 girls in 6 different developing areas of the world who have experienced some form of female oppression
  - Friday Oct. 26, 11am-3pm in Campus Center and Pem Arch
       o Cupcake sales to raise funds for a girl in Tanzania to be the first in her family to have an education and graduate
  - Friday Oct. 26, 4pm in TGH
       o A Zumbathon led by Yashaswini Singh (‘13) to promote girls’ education

The executive board of She’s the First would like to personally invite you to these events, especially because so many faculty and staff were supportive of our efforts last semester.  We would really love to see you all there!  We are also asking you to recommend to your students these events, the Half the Sky film screening in particular, perhaps by giving extra credit to those who attend (we would facilitate this by having a sign-in sheet) or just to emphasize the event in class.

Lastly, we would truly love it if professors could hold short discussions in their classes during the week (especially Monday Oct. 22 and Tuesday Oct. 23) regarding female empowerment around the world, whether it concerns girls’ education, their rights, or any other aspect of the issue relating to your class subjects.

We really hope all of you will be able to participate in the Week of the Girl by discussing this very relevant and significant issue in your classes and by attending the on-campus events with your students.

Thank you!

Sheena Gopal
She’s The First* {Bryn Mawr} Campus Ambassador

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Thanks for Sharing!

Hi Nan,

One of my goals for this week is to watch these episodes before PBS takes them off for online viewing (I think by Oct. 9). Thanks for sharing, its a fantastic book as well.