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Welcome to the DiaBlog, where high school and college students, together with educators and researchers, are exploring issues in education reform today. This is a space for writing out loud, thinking with others, and sharing our dreams, passions, and concerns about school, learning, and changing -- ourselves and the world.

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Open Discussion Area

Welcome! This is an open space for Diablog participants to share thoughts, ideas, questions, links, and connections related to our ongoing explorations of education, life, and change.  If you wonder about something, come across a relevant book, article, video, or image, or come to a new realization, we want to hear about it.

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Half the Sky

Hey everybody, I don't really know if this has any place in this Ecological Imaginings class, but maybe if we can imagine the preservation of women to be a form of ecology, not unlike the preservation of all plant life, animal life.

I just wanted to call everyone's attention to this excellent documentary currently being shown on PBS on Mon & Tues nights at 9:00 PM.  I imagine you guys have lots of time to watch films, yeah!  But this is an amazing series.

"Half the Sky" about gender based violence.

Here's the link to the first & second segment:

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Week Seven of our Diablog: Carrying On with our Partnership

I thoroughly enjoyed our shared experience of Skype this morning.

I hope that someone can record what Parkway said to Bryn Mawr--I would love to savor those words!

Here is what Bryn Mawr said to Parkway:

Thank you for inviting us to see in new ways, and speak so frankly, about our own experience at Bryn Mawr.

Thank you for making us grateful for our campus and all the opportunities that Bryn Mawr College provides.

Thank you for calling us out on our inconsistency: a bunch of us wrote that college isn't necessary for success, but you pointed out that we are in college now; it was easy for us to say that college wasn't necessary... because we're in college.

Thank you for helping us recognize that the things we say are very much influenced by our life situations and where we are right now.

Thank you for forcing us to reevaluate our choices and goals.

Thank you for reminding us of the need for positive thinking.

Thank you for opening up different perspectives.

Thank you for reminding us that we can make our goals more concrete – we can make paths to follow.

Thank you for giving us renewed faith in the youth of this city.

Thank you for teaching us that it's ok to identify ourselves as what we aspire to be, to say "I am a writer" or "I am a basketball player."

Thank you for being our friends.

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Week Six of our Diablog: which of the following have posed the greatest challenge to you in making the transition to college?


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Week Five of our Diablog: Learning and Teaching

What is something you learned, and something that you taught, during the times we walked and talked w/ one another on Tuesday? (If you weren't able to join us then, name something in the last week that you learned, and something that you taught--not necessarily in school.)

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Week Four of our Diablog: Take a Poll!

Welcome to our first Diablog Poll. Please make your selection and after you do, write a post explaining your selection and write a response to someone else's in which you raise a question to further your and their thinking.  Enjoy!

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Week 3 of our dialogue-->now called DiaBlog!

Thanks to all for all our rich discussion, so far (see, below, our discussions from week 1 and week 2, about the surprises of our first visit together, and the need to be "certified" in life). Let's try, this week, writing even more directly about our own experiences. What is something in your life right now that you are passionate about learning or doing -- in or out of school? (If you'd like, find something on Google Image that represents your area of passion, and include the URL to that picture in your post.) In this way we can get to know each other better and also begin to think about how our passions connect with our educations. Enjoy!

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Continuing our dialogue ....

What a great start we had, last week, to our "dia/blog" among Parkway West High School and Bryn Mawr College students. Thanks to all who came, listened, and spoke!

So: let's keep @ it. Feel free to continue sharing any education-related thoughts and questions here.
And/or respond to (and push back on?) this posting from last week, by "Marvin Gaye":

To be able to have some type of success in life you must be certified….
Why must you pay to get a role in Society?

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On having a dialogue

Welcome!  This forum is a space for Parkway West  High School students and Bryn Mawr College students to create dialogue and explore ideas about education, social class, opportunity, and our futures.

Please use it to reflect on our shared visit:

  • what ideas or issues stood out to you from our conversation?
  • What surprised you and piqued your curiosity? 
  • What would you like to explore further? 
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