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Week Seven of our Diablog: Carrying On with our Partnership

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I thoroughly enjoyed our shared experience of Skype this morning.

I hope that someone can record what Parkway said to Bryn Mawr--I would love to savor those words!

Here is what Bryn Mawr said to Parkway:

Thank you for inviting us to see in new ways, and speak so frankly, about our own experience at Bryn Mawr.

Thank you for making us grateful for our campus and all the opportunities that Bryn Mawr College provides.

Thank you for calling us out on our inconsistency: a bunch of us wrote that college isn't necessary for success, but you pointed out that we are in college now; it was easy for us to say that college wasn't necessary... because we're in college.

Thank you for helping us recognize that the things we say are very much influenced by our life situations and where we are right now.

Thank you for forcing us to reevaluate our choices and goals.

Thank you for reminding us of the need for positive thinking.

Thank you for opening up different perspectives.

Thank you for reminding us that we can make our goals more concrete – we can make paths to follow.

Thank you for giving us renewed faith in the youth of this city.

Thank you for teaching us that it's ok to identify ourselves as what we aspire to be, to say "I am a writer" or "I am a basketball player."

Thank you for being our friends.


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What Parkway Said to Bryn Mawr

Thank you, Anne, for posting these words and scenes from our Skype session last week.  And thanks to all of the students for being so open to the experience of using technology in a new way.

From Parkway to Bryn Mawr:

Thank you for letting us new people and become acquainted with them.

Thank you for welcoming to us to your dorms and sharing your well-cooked food. 

Thank you for the experience of what a college looks like.

Thank you for showing us the basketball gym. (Dean)

Thank you for knowledge on the college experience.

Thank you for answering our questions.

Thank you for teaching us how to be more sociable with other people.

Thank you for teaching us the game, How the Wind Blows.

Thank you for explaining the college process.

Thank you for taking the risk on the Diablog to express yourselves.


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I thought you all would enjoy some images of us watching you this morning....

as well as a blackboard record of ways in which we might continue our partnering together....:)