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The Faculty Learning Commmunity for Science and Math Education

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The Faculty Learning Community
for Science and Math Education
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges

With support from the
Center for Science and Society,
the Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
and Bryn Mawr’s Provost’s Office,

the Bryn Mawr-Haverford Education Program
is sponsoring this faculty learning community,
to focus on enhancing the learning and teaching of
math and science at Bryn Mawr and Haverford,
K-12 settings, and elsewhere.

For information about meeting dates and times,
contact Howard Glasser.


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Meeting Agendas and Notes

April 15:
NSTA 2010: Connecting Science Past
with Science Future
(Jill Garland, Alice Kaufman,
Maggie Powers, and Doug Vallette)

April 1: Technology in Education
(Alice Lesnick and Howard Glasser)

March 18: Coherently Implementing Model-based Inquiry
Learning Across High School Chemistry and Physics Classes

(Doug Valette, Unionville High School, Kennett Square, PA)

March 4: Service Learning at the Science, Theatre
& Magic Boundary
(Mary-Angela Papalaskari, Villanova)

February 18: Transforming Algebra Assignments
(Julie Booth, Temple University)

February 4: Transfer; or, "Can Problem-
Solving Skills be Taught?"
(Bill Huber)

January 21:Technology in the Educational Process
(John Dougherty and Bill Huber) 

December 14: Planning Ahead--and The Labor
of Gratitude
(Howard Glasser, Alice Lesnick)

November 30: "Processes of Change
in Brain and Cognitive Development"

(Alice Lesnick, Mike Sears)

November 16: Restructuring Our Teaching
(Steve Lindell, Mike Sears)

November 2: "Real-Time Collaboration Tools for
Digital Ink" 
(Anne Dalke, Steve Lindell)

October 19: "Educational Research: The Hardest
Science of All"
(Howard Glasser, Anne Dalke)

October 5: Getting organized (Howard Glasser)