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Chemical Castration: The Benefits and Disadvantages Intrinsic to Injecting Male Pedophiliacs with Depo-Provera

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Biology 103
2002 First Paper
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Chemical Castration: The Benefits and Disadvantages Intrinsic to Injecting Male Pedophiliacs with Depo-Provera

Katherine Amlin

Child molestation is a serious problem in the United States. The legal system is lenient with pedophiles, punishing them with insufficiently brief prison sentences that are further abbreviated by the option of parole. Some child molesters are released back into society after serving as little as one fourth of their prison-time (1). Recidivism is extremely high among child molesters; 75% are convicted more than once for sexually abusing young people (6). Pedophiles commit sexual assault for a variety of reasons. Some rape children because of similar instances of abuse in their own childhoods (1). Some view the act of molestation as a way to gain power over another individual (1). Some pedophiles act purely on sexual desires. No matter what causes these heinous criminals to molest children, their crimes are inexcusable. Unfortunately, utilizing prison as a punishment for child molestation creates only a Band-Aid solution for the issue of sexual assault and other resolutions need to be investigated.

Alternative options for the punishment of male pedophiles are being explored in the status quo. Scientists have observed the link between testosterone and aggression and concluded that high levels of testosterone correspond with increased violent and aggressive behavior in men (5). "It is the reason that stallions are high strung and impossible to train, the reason male dogs become vicious and start to bite people. It's why boys take chances and chase girls, why they drive too fast and deliberately start fights. In violent criminals, these tendencies are exaggerated and carried to extremes" (8). In an effort to stop male pedophiles, male child molesters have the option of being chemically castrated in some states. "Chemical castration is a term used to describe treatment with a drug called Depo-Provera that, when given to men, acts on the brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone" (2). Depo-Provera is a common birth control pill that containing a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone. Advocates of chemical castration hope that injections of Depo-Provera will prevent men from molesting children.

However, some experts argue that Depo-Provera is ineffective and will not prevent molestation. Forced castration may have the adverse affect of angering a criminal, increasing his violent tendencies and lead to additional sexual abuse (2). Additionally, Depo-Provera is reversible. Therefore, unless injections are mandatory and monitored, pedophiles will not be "cured" by the drug therapy. The child molester will have renewed sexual fantasies and high levels of testosterone if the injections are discontinued (7). Joseph Frank Smith, a convicted child molester, became an advocate for chemical castration after undergoing the therapy in the 1980s. Smith stopped using the injections in 1989. In 1999, he was convicted for molesting a five-year old girl and immediately returned to prison (3). Depo-Provera also has caused side effects in some men "including depression, fatigue, diabetes, [and] blood clots" (2). Chemical castration may cause some detrimental effects in child molesters.

Regardless, Depo-Provera has been proven to inhibit the abilities of pedophilias to assault children. The progesterone in Depo-Provera counteracts the biological tendencies that lead men to rape children (4). By lowering testosterone, Depo-Provera reduces sex drive (6). Males can have sexual intercourse (7) but do not want to. Depo-Provera also decreases aggressive tendencies by reducing testosterone. "[T]he castrated criminal would be more docile and have a better opportunity to be rehabilitated, educated, and to become a worthwhile citizen" (1). Castration removes the biological and chemical tendencies that are intrinsically linked to the desire to rape in males.

Depo-Provera also reduces recidivism rates. When used as a mandatory condition of parole (6), chemical castration decreases the occurrence of repeat offenses from 75% (6) to 2% (1). Prison is less desirable because it serves no rehabilitative purpose for sexual offenders. Pedophiles who spend time festering in a prison cell are given extensive downtime to concoct new sordid sexual fantasies involving children. These horrific visions are translated into terrifying realities once the criminal comes back into contact with children following his inevitable release from prison (1). Prison simply produces sneakier criminals. Pedophiles do not want to be incarcerated again so they think of new ways to rape children that will avoid detection and future detention (6). Prison increases aggressive tendencies in male pedophiles while chemical castration addresses the root causes of sexual assault and decreases further sexual deviance.

Although chemical castration is not the perfect solution to inhibit child molestation, it discourages sexual assault better than incarceration. Injections of Depo-Provera decrease the aggressive tendencies that lead to rape in males. Castration also discourages sexual fantasies and eradicates sexual obsessions. Pedophiles are reduced to apathetic pacifists. Regulated chemical castration should be encouraged as an alternative to prison for male child molesters in order to stop recidivism and decrease instances of sexual assault.



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12/13/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I agree with the use of chemical castration, becuase incarceration seems like its not a harsh enough punishment. The paper described the sex criminals are repeat offenders. People commit these crimes cause of abuse in their child hoods and power struggle of felling dominant. This punishment may not be the cure but it works better than just incarceration.


Additional comments made prior to 2007

I'm currently enrolled in a Community College and working on my final research paper, the topic I decided on was "Is chemical castration an acceptable treatment for sex offenders in the United States?" thus far, I've found that there are a plethora of articles on the topic however accessability to case studies seem to be lacking on the recidivism rates of offenders.

In my research, although there are references to the list of 6 US states that have currently inacted a law which requires chemical castration, I'm not aware of what those states are. From what I know and understand I've compiled a list of 5 states (California, Florida, Maryland, Montana, and Texas.)

Of the people I've asked, regarding their personal view the majority agree that chemical castration with Depo Provera or MPA are completely acceptable and viable options for repeat sex offenders. In my personal opinion (because this treatment is reversable) I believe that it is a light sentence in concideration of henious acts of sex offenders. However, I question if the "trade off" of probation and a lifetime of antiandrogen injections is too light of a sentence.

We all have human rights, but in the end some rights (from what I've seen of our government) are quickly taken away when we greatly endanger the human rights of others. Sadly some individuals hear treatment and think, if its manditory, how can it be effective, and somehow they seem to forget that it is also a punishment for the acts of deprevity on innocent individuals ... Twixy, 2 May 2006



seems to me that prison term and lifetime chemical castration should make the impact we need. the chem. castration is not double jeopardy or even additional punishment but required, ongoing therapy as a condition of release. life in prison, no possibility of parole or chem. castration with possibility of parole. as a matter of fact, i think all male inmates should undergo chem. castration while in prison as is evidenced by the conditions they create there ... D.M. Christensen, 24 August 2006



I see a problem here. You are mixing paedophilia with Pederasty. Paedophilia is a mental sickness, it is not illegal. And acording the studies by the UNICEF, very few paedophiles became child molesters. Although they can became consumers of child pornography, which is ilegal, they can be teached to not do it. So far the paedhophylia, like most paraphilias, can not be cured, but it can be controlled. What is illegal is pederasty. That is, the abuse of minors. Most of the pederast do not become paedophyles. Also , while a high level of testoterone can became a male, more agresivity, it does not mesns he will became a raper, or a child molester. The links are not clear. My point is, paedophyles should be given the oportunity to get treatment (not punishment)... before they became a treat. Pederast, on the other hand should be punished, as an example to others. Chemical castration should be considered a punishment, not a way to release criminals on the streets ... Nanahuatzin, 29 November 2007



While I haven't completely decided one way or another on this issue, the change from 75% of repeat offenders to 2% is absolutely staggering. Thank you very much for writing this. It helped me a lot with my college presentation ... TJ, 3 December 2007



I don't care if it can help reduce the rates of repeat offenders, it doesn't stop them all. I don't care if they rot in prison, because they deserve it! I myself am a victim of a rape and know how it feels on that end. I have to live with the memories forever and do believe that real sex offenders (not the young guys having sex with capable girls who know what they are getting into) should suffer as much as the victim and everyone associated with the pain caused by what they did. Maybe if we just shipped them somewhere away from all people that would fix the problem ... Kayla, 18 March 2007


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It Takes Work!

While chemical castration has been shown to reduce deviant sexual urges; significantly in some cases, I am of the opinion that it also takes a sincere desire on the part of the offender to deal effectively with the problems of rape and sexually abusing children. There also has to be punitive and restorative justice through the legal system. If the crime is heinous and the offender legitimately shows no good prognosis for treatment and rehabilitation, then life without parole or lifelong commitment to a locked mental institution is perfectly acceptable. If an offender truly shows a sincere desire to reap maximum benefit from sustained, monitored, prolonged treatment, then that should be there after the punitive phase has been served. Then there needs to be restorative justice that allows these people to get decent housing in a safe community, a job, and access to a good support system from family, friends, and professionals. Of course there needs to be some sort of regular monitoring during the restorative to ensure the offender avoids any situations that present temptation, opportunity, or both.

I have seen terms incorrectly used here:

Pedophile-unnatural sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Those attracted to post-pubescent juveniles are NOT pedophiles according to the true definition.

Ephebophile-a person sexually attracted to post-pubescent juveniles (15-19-year-old range). Ephebophiles ARE NOT the same as pedophiles.

Pederasty refers EXCLUSIVELY to sexual activity between grown men and young boys. From the Greek "Paido" meaning boy and "erastes" meaning lover...literally a "lover" of young boys. However, let me be crystal clear here. LOVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT AT ALL.

Love looks out for the best, highest interests of another to the exclusion of selfish motives, while pederasty is all about unnatural lust and debauchery and uses an innocent child as its source of selfish fulfillment.

As a Christian, I would be amiss if I didn't bring into focus the single-most important overriding fact:
All 3 of these paraphilias go against God's design for human sexuality. God intended the sexual union to be the ultimate expression of heart-felt love between husband (man) and wife (woman) who are scripturally united in holy matrimony. All sex outside this one parameter is sinful.

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chemical castration

My heart goes out to you and your sister. Yes, sometimes castration is deserved. In your stepbrothers case, castration would never let him forget what he did.

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First we should protect our kids in internet by using parental control software. It's not a safety place anymore... Maybe PCWebControl or k9 or net nany will be ok? Think about it...

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not as effective with everyone

ive been on cyproterone for 5 months and i still get a sex desire. a lot less than it was but it can overide the cyproterone. mine was voluntry but is causing bad side effects with mood ect. in the rial run in the uk where 100 prisoners voluntered to go on castration drugs only 10 actually went on them and no further information on how many stayed on them. yeh it works for some but you can also appear to be ok whilst still having sexual drive.

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how can you say no

how can you think about the rights of these people, how bout you think of the pain they caused or could cause an innocent child or adult. physically and emotionally! chemical castration in my opinion is a light punishment for these disgusting human beings! let me ask you, do you believe that going through therapy or chemical castrition would change your sexual preference? i dont care if its in their heads and they can't control it, if they can't do it someone else needs to try. so permenant castration would be a better solution. all the people who feel that a peaderast and or pedophile should be given a second chance or their given rights as humans is STUPID and they might know someone who has done it thats close to them or whom they love or maybe they themselves have disturbing thoughts!

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So with your mentality, one

So with your mentality, one might say that a thief deserves to have his hands cut off because he can't stop stealing, or a liar deserves to have his tongue cut off because he caused someone so much pain because of his lies.... that is a very dangerous mentality...

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Serendip Visitor - I would say that your "mentality" is horribly askew! How can you even begin to compare the act of thievery with the act of child molestation??? How can you even begin to compare the act of "telling lies" to that of raping and torturing young, helpless children??? Obviously, you do not have children. If you did, you wouldn't be able to even imagine waking up one morning to your 4 year old daughter missing from her bed - only to find her two days later nearly dead - having been raped and sodomized countless times by a very sick pervert. Let's see if you want to give the animal who attacked your daughter a "second chance!" Your kind of thinking is EXACTLY why our sentences are so lenient on child molestation and rape. Obviously, you are more concerned about the rights of the criminal, than that of the victim. Our world should be in SHOCK and be in an OUTRAGE over how these sick individuals get off with such lenient sentences! It's time America wakes up and shouts, "ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ANY CRIMES MADE AGAINST CHILDREN!!" WHY should our hardworking TAX DOLLARS be used to continuously house, feed, educate, medicate, etc... these sex monsters?? WHY should second chances be given? It's not enough that a little child's life was forever changed? It makes me want to puke just thinking that we are supporting them in our prisons when stats continuously show prison does nothing to offer a cure!! Castration or death - it's pure and simple and fitting for the crime.

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Bravo!My thoughts exactly you just spoke the very words I've been feeling for years,and losing sleep night after night!!!!I have 2 beautiful granddaughters and worry about their safety from these pathetic pedophiles.I'm as computer illiterate as one can be....but,when I heard today that a father raped his 19 day old baby....I had to get the word out,AMERICA WAKE THE HELL UP!We have a war on our hands,It's time to come together and protect all babies&children from this nightmare!!!!!
It's time to fight this war!!Where do we start and I don't give a crap about the side effects of some worthless drug that can depress or alter their health in some way!ARE YOU KIDDING ME??It's time to put the scare into the perpetrator so these monsters won't even think twice about hurting our innocent children!!!! ONE WORD "CASTORATE"!

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Castration for that type of criminal, is use less.
They should be killed, humanly though, I think.
This is a sentence for their sake, because I am sure they fell the pain of their sin also.
But as far as castration some men need it to stop wanting sex, as in Men with ED, or men with
a wife with cancer, just a man that is to old to try any more.
The sex drive is too painful to endure, there has to be a way to stop it.
Having the testicles cut off is also a lot of pain, chemical is the only way I see so far.
As far as these monsters, indeed it is a monstrous act, but I think you are a monster seeking such revenge.

As far as me I don't want to , hurt my wife with my need to have sex.
And I think sex is a curse, it should be used only for having children, using it for pleasure is a monstrous thing.
Men have to suffer this thing, to fight it and to hate it, it is a endless battle, and I think the extreme of using sex for pleasure
ends up with monsters like you have described, yet haven't the world made them. With their sexy commercials, and their sexy
deeds that lead to " Love " Ha.
What a laugh, it isn't love, it is lust, and lust is where the monster lies.
As long as you and the world see's lust as love there will always be monsters every where.
So kill them all, soon all humanity will have to die.


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Dear Laura Pace, Thank

Dear Laura Pace,

Thank you for your reply. I think the very best possible place to start is getting possible support for chemical castration! CALL your Senators and Congressmen and then follow up by WRITING to them! Let them know your opinion and your expectations of them. Tell them there are nine other states in the US that are now using this method of deterrent. I have personally written to the Governor of Louisiana - where they have a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN - and asked them to send me information on the statistics in their state as to whether this has been a viable deterrent in Louisiana. I'm still waiting for their reply. Another area that you may want to consider giving some of your time to is any agency/organization in your state that is fighting the horrific crime of Human Trafficking - where thousands of CHILDREN are being trafficked into the sex slave trade 32 billion dollar a year industry!! They are always seeking volunteers, and desperately need good people with a heart for protecting our children! This nefarious crime is growing in alarming numbers - one reason being that now gangs are getting their disgusting hands in the pot, wanting to earn some of that 32 billion and they are trafficking victims left and right. America needs to know that we also have ALARMING rates of RUNAWAY CHILDREN! Sadly and shockingly the stats show that within 48 hours of running away, over 70% of runaways engage in "Survival Sex" because of needing shelter or food. In the majority of cases what starts out as survival sex, turns into human trafficking. As advised in a report by Covenant House New York (CHNY), New York City’s largest provider of services for homeless youth ages 16-21, " Shelter was the number one commodity traded in return for sexual activity. Of those who engaged in commercial sex activity, almost half – 48% in total - said they did it because they did not have a place to stay. Participants explained how traffickers loiter in areas where homeless youth are known to gather and then tell them that the shelters are full and offer them a place to stay in lieu of sleeping on the streets. Although there is a significant legal distinction between sex trafficking and survival sex, our results demonstrated a great deal of fluidity between the two. What started initially as survival sex frequently turned into coercive and violent trafficking experiences." Stay in touch Laura and share with me some of the ways you will help to protect our children!!

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Where are you getting your facts on recidivism? The department of justice list Sex offenders as having a 5% recidivism.Where did you get such a high % from? Or,let me guess,you made it up for sensational journalism! The fact is, you cannot have a realistic conversation without the proper facts!

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false information in this article

spreading and perpetuating FALSE information does nothing but create more problems. I agree with Sensational Journalist. That you cannot have a realistic nor intelligent conversation by making up false information and declaring it fact.
This is a very emotional and 'hot topic' attention mongers thrive on this sort of thing.
but the truth, the facts is no where near as sensational as these falsehoods.
Trauma of any sort changes our lives forever. That is those of us who have been traumatized. Why are you not advocating for help for victims rather than wasting everyone's time and emotions on a bunch of bullshit. I know from personal experience that the lack of help for victims is much more important issue than sadistic pleasure people like the author gets from posting false sensational articles.

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Wow, you really have your

Wow, you really have your head up your a$$ don't you. First you assume that you are the only victim in here. You for know me nor know what I've been though in my life. Which I won't get it here because that's beyond he point. The fact is that by helping cold molesters, by finding a way of helping them stop doing what they do, you are tremendously helping others. That's because by helping them you prevent others from becoming their victims. Or perhaps victims from from victimized once more. As much as I would like to see victims get help, which there is tons of it already. At least here in the US, from victims assistance programs, to free counseling, to medical bills coverage. The victimizer is put in prison in the hope that he or she (yes, women molest children too. May be not as often but they still do) will rehabilitate, very little is offered to them to stop their behavior. Again, the more you help them the more possible new victims you help. It's like having a family history of cancer. Would you rather do what you can to prevent the cancer by dieting and exercise and living a generally healthy lifestyle, or would you rather deal with the cancer once you have it? A lot as been said about the prevention of illnesses, but more money is spent on finding cures and treating the ill. Why? Because treating illness is a whole lot more profitable. Prevention of illness is great and works when a person takes an active role in it, but it's not has profitable.

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Chemical Castration

I would not support chemical castration as a first-line solution. I do believe there are a percentage of offenders that have a hard time dealing with the desires. If someone had repeated offenses or was caught in the act of trying to engage minors, then I think this should be looked at as a option.

I also believe that this should be an option for violent inmates and inmates that committed rape in prison. My only concern would be the effectiveness. If chemical castration only reduced violence by 10-20%, then I am not sure if that would be good enough to warrant its use. If it can be proven that it cuts down rape or violence by 50% or greater than I think it would be a good tool.

I think it is criminal that our jail/prison systems cannot provide a environment that is absent of violence. The safest place on earth should be a prison. How can anyone go into and live in an environment of constant fear for any period of time and then be let out and not expect to have been affected some way. How can we expect that the affect won't be negative.

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I am not a rapist and will never be.I would have been. I had all those deaires and urges to force myself on anybody in a skirt. I would be caught and go to jail. That would be nothing to the shame on myself and my family. I did something about it. I went to Thailand and was castrated. I am totally impotent and have no sexual desire or urges. I injest no testerone. Any woman or girl is perfectly safe in my company. Its a simpe safe proceedure and while it takes time to adjust life is as rich as before. There is no sex but life is more than what is no longer between my legs

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i am a victim of rape. it happened to me when i was only 13. i am happy that you did the chemical castration because when you think about it, you have saved yourself and many others from pain and suffrage. now that i growing older it seems like what happen sticks with me even more. god bless you.

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Chemical Castration

I have given myself "chemical castration" about 10 years ago, started, and wish I did it sooner to have helped our marriage. As I was over sexed so to say, anything that passed me with a good sway and a skirt was a target, not forced sex but as a relationship or one-night stands.

As depoprovera is almost not available anymore here in Brazil, I use Mesigyna when need to cut down my desire. After a couple of weeks, start with 1 injection per week, then every 2 weeks, it does it job great. Besides cutting the desire, I use it with some other hormones and love the side effects. My wife does also, as she knows that I will not jump the fence.

There are more benefits to chemical castration that every man should experience. It is semi-reversable other than the testies shrink some and develope some breast, but no big deal in my method, as I use estrogen also.

So if I had a chance to go out of jail, I would not mind it at all, and it would not be a punshiment really, but a great benefit.

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Aside from the fact that you

Aside from the fact that you are ignorant enough to confuse a peadophile with a pederast you are also ignorant enough to do some in depth research on the meaning of the words! A peadophile is a person who is sexually attracted only to prepubescent children under 12. To my knowledge 12 is the consensual age in Mexico. It might be 18 is some US states but that does make the person a peadophile or a peaderast, merely a criminal! It's his/her thoughts that make him what you most fear! A peaderast on the other hand is one that will sexually abuse a child!

Now, on to the main point, chemical castration might stop a person from acting out his perverted thoughts, and I am not saying it will surely will, but it will not treat him. The problem is in his mind and not on the amount of testosterone in his blood! They should perhaps try to reduce the testosterone also to people who often break the speed limit because big ego and lots of testosterone is also the cause!

You might also like to consider the biggest problem here! It might stop the ones convicted but not the creation of new ones! Oversexualizing sexually repressed teenagers!

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castration as punishment

Human and civil rights group in North America and Europe have consistently denounced mutilation- physical or chemical- as cruel and unusual punishment and repellent to any modern civilization.

The author of this article, as well as the commentors- mostly female- who express their approval of punitive castration show themselves to be deserving involuntary commitment with psychiatric treatment for their sexism and sadism.

See,8599,1878462,00.html for the opinions of some rights groups.

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Treatment that works

Let us forget the male hysteria for a few moments and deal with the problem. I see castration as a giant leap foward in dealing with some types sex offenders. Most Pedophiles would be included in the types that would most benifit from the treatment. I do however sugest if we are to castrate them lets take a diffrent approach. Use the surgical method it is better for the offender from a health prespective. It is a simple procedure taking an hour or so to complete. It is more effective a lot cheaper and is only done one time. Acording to research almost all men over 45 will not be able to acheive erection after it is done. Much better that chemical castration which can allow the offender over 45 to acheive erections. In men under 45 it is much the same with slightly better ratio for thoes that will be able to preform. I would consider it a major advantage for the offender to be impotent. No one wants to go to jail or have the guilt for the rest of their lives.

The offender will for the most part will be resistant to the treatment but if done as part of the sentence it will be easier for him to accept. I woould sugest that the offender be done as soon as he starts serving his sentence so he could be monitored and be given some time to settle down. It is not inhuman to treat a condition with drugs or surgery. It is inhuman to allow the condition to persist when it can be treated.

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Castrate Pedophiles

Thanks for this good paper and interesting comments. We must do all we can to thwart this growing problem of sexual abuse of children. Even toddlers and babies are being molested by pedophiles who defend pedophilia and rationalize what they're doing as being perfectly okay and normal. Castration - chemical or otherwise - really can help pedophiles overcome their dangerous and often unwanted desires.

We should each call, write, or email our representatives in government and demand castration for pedophiles. How many millions of children will be molested while we vacillate and procrastinate?

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Chemical Castration

No matter how bad this sounds in the united states we all have a right to what is called do process... no matter how horrible the crime. its called the justice system! we cant put something like chemical castration in the hands of Parole officers or someone not medically qualified to put any one human at risk... i know we have to think of both parties involved... some would say eye for an eye. tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand, do the crime do the time, so on so forth. and that a pedophile should have no rights at all in the matter.. but when it comes to the law and pedophilia once a convicted sex offender they are always a sex offender. and the sad part is the victim will always be a victim... there are lot of things that we would like to do out of anger to a pedophile... and chemical castration would be far from first on a victim or someone associated or knows a victim as punishment for such a crime... i am really drawn here as i am married to a convicted sex offender and know several sexual assault victims... there are so many variables in the whole scheme of things... so should chemical castration be something a court of law can impose as punishment i think so as long as its deemed by a medical professional that it will not harm the offender in short or long term with vigorous testing of the accused. and the victim should have the right to request of the court that the offender receive chemical castration as part of the punishment against them... prison does not physically do harm to a human or put things in the offenders body as chemical castration would do they are two totally different tools of punishment... and the best possible punishment if you call it that would be extensive therapy for both parties involved... such a touchy issue and the right thing would be that both parties involved get a fair chance at some sort of normal life after all is said and done... know this is going to sound very far fetched to angry people and those with closed minds but we have to remember both parties the victim of an uninvited act against then and the offender who broke the law and the families and friends of them both...

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considering its mutilation

considering its mutilation and violates several parts of the canadian and american constitutions, as well as the geneva convention and basic human morals, i would say unnacceptable. i hate pedophiles and rapists etc. how ever mutilating some one because they did something wrong does not warrant you or anyother person (aside from god who will judge them in time), the right to do so. dont go down to their level and violate their rights. what they did was wrong and a life sentance in prison is deffinetly enough punishment until they die of what ever thing they die from. the beatings in prison are absolute anyway. i think its disgusting to even consider castration as a viable solution to ones crime. if a thief steals something should we cut their fingers off? no, its wrong and immoral. what would someone in several thousand years think of your actions? not to mention what it would do to some one who is commiting the act of depriving some one of a basic bodily function.

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error laden and conventionally biased

"Recidivism is extremely high among child molesters" ...FALSE.

Also, expressions like "sordid sexual fantasies" and "horrific visions" are pejorative and value laden, serving only to betray a lack of objectivity.

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Kudos to you! FACT: Sexual offenders or the LEAST likely to reoffend with another sex offense next to murders. Murderers are the least likely to reoffend then comes sex offenders. Drug offenders and burglers are the most likely to reoffend (Check the United States Dept. Of Justice criminal statistics web-site)

Remember-----People react more to what they fear than what is logical and the hype, hysteria and fear injected into our brains by the media and politicians (voting against ANY legislation dealing with sex offenders is POLITICAL SUICIDE! And sex offenses sell news papers and news air time $$$$$$)

All issues pertaining to sex offenses are completely focused on the act AFTER it has happened and someone is victimized. Why are we not putting our complete focus on preventing the offense before it happens????? DUH!!! This is not rocket science!!

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Just so you all know... Compulsory sterilization was done by the nazis in the 1930-1950 range. The United States was the first country to concertedly undertake compulsory sterilization programs for the purpose of eugenics...
It is inhuman period. Not one person in the world deserves to have this injustice imposed on them. it starts with sterilization and ends up with gas chambers for homosexuals..
Next Susan Feinstein is a whack job she believes in the sort of central planning that the nazis supported before the invasion of poland... she believes that the government has a dut to plan for the people because they are too stupid to do it themselves. to anticipate the needs of the people by using propaganda to make decisions for the people.
You think Nazis are bad California Leftists started this, the Nazis just copied us! Know your history and remember all these "helpful" government programs are just another way to control the population. Preserve your freedom know your history!
read the part about "Nazi eugenics program" this isnt about pedophiles...this is about YOU.. This is what Susan Feinstein believes in

Know your history know your enemy

Sarah Smith's picture

This is ridiculous

Well, the authorities in 1984 have finally gotten their wish fulfilled. Society has found a way to dim our sexual desires. Really, there are people on here who are not criminals and sex offenders jumping to kill their sex drive? We are animals, if you hadn't noticed. We are suppose to have sex drives. We are suppose to have sex! We are suppose to procreate.

Yes, there are some people with sexual disorders. They have these because we don't live in a perfect world. In fact we live in a deranged world. So deranged, sick, crap happens. If you grow up in hell you are likely to become a screwed up adult. And guess what? We're all a little messed up!

I'm not saying people should go out and rape each other. As a rape survivor I know the life long impact of rape. I also know lots of other rape survivors, with lots of different opinions. I also know a few reformed sex offenders. I believe that the two men I know that have reformed will not do it again. I feel the therapy and rehab they got (plus jail experience) was enough to scare them out of ever doing it again. Also, they weren't acting from a sociopathic desire. It was something that was bred from a life of pain and hell. Not saying what they did was right, just that because they didn't get the healing care they needed faster they did regretful things.

Rape is such an incredibly complicated, intense, and life changing experience for both the victim/survivor and perpetrator. You cannot simplify it the way a lot of you are. Every individual has individual needs to heal. Every survivor responds to the trauma differently and needs that taken into consideration when seeking and receiving treatment. This is also true of offenders. Not every offender is a rape machine going around the world molesting every nine-year-old they see. Yes, some may be that bad, but some also just make mistakes. It's a sad and tragic one at that. No one should have to be raped.

Rape is about both control and sex, and anger, and revenge, and on and on. Every single rapist has varying reasons for why they did/do it. Sometimes a man, or even a woman, makes a mistake they can't take back. Sometimes the offender can't be cured. Sometimes they can.

My point is, that we cannot, as human beings, simplify a subject that is inexplicably complex. It's so hypocritical to punish criminals with punishments that are similar to the things they themselves do. It's like the death penalty, let's show the world how killing is wrong by killing. That's not very logical is it? So why is chemical castration, destroying someone's sex drive, which is often a side-effect rape victims experience, a solution. All we are telling the world is that we are punishing sex crimes by perpetrating more sex crimes. This is idiocy!

William Johnson's picture

RE: This is ridiculous

You are a liar - You are not a rape victim.

You said "It's like the death penalty, let's show the world how killing is wrong by killing."
You are wrong. We are not showing/teaching anything. We are sending a CLEAR MESSAGE that if you dare to kill a human being and rob a mother, daughter, wife, son, family etc of their father, mother, daughter etc then the same will be done to you. If you do not want to DIE then don't even think about killing my own mother (or duaghter, sister, father etc)

william's picture

inappproriate use of the term pedophile

i read your paper and found that you repeatedly referred to all people who sexually abuse children as pedophiles,but that is inaccurate,you are correct in saying that people offend for different reasons and gave good examples of reasons, but a pedophile by definition of the DSMIV is someone who is at least the age of 18 and has recurrent urges or fantasies about prepubescent or pubescent children and is at least 5 years older then said children.i am in no way attempting to take up for child molesters or pedophilia,but a child molester at least from a psychiatry standpoint is different then a might also be necessary to point out that not all pedophiles offend.they are a minority to say the least but i think that by referring to all child molesters as pedophiles you create a unnecessary hostility to the mentally disturbed.once again i in no way condone what they do but i do realize the have a disease.i say this as a survival of childhood abuse,i am able to look past my own pain and realize that the man who hurt me is in fact a pedophile and needs help i would have rather he gotten help for his disorder then spend time in prison.i am not saying this is true in all or even most cases but it is a fact people should take into account when discussing child molesters and pedophilia.

Serendip Visitor's picture

I think this doesn't quite go

I think this doesn't quite go far enough when dealing with violent sexual assault, whether child or adult as the victim. The fact is, this should be used as a stepping stone or help regiment during rehabilitation for those people that are NOT found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. For those that absolutely, positively, 100% chance did it. Well, those people should just be taken out back and shot once in the head. Why do we need them in society? what good is gained compared to the risk of leaving someone depraved alive? the simple act of committing such a crime should waive their human rights, for they are indeed something other than human. chemical castration is a very good way of helping those that want help, and forcing help on those that need it. It should be used on a case by case basis. But considering society will never have my harsh, inhumane, and irreverent view of life. It should NOT be used on violent repeat offenders. such people should, at the very least, be permanently sedated or put in solitary for life.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Although this is a sensitive

Although this is a sensitive topic, I feel it is necessary that it be debated. For the last year and a half I have worked at a residential treatment facility for MR males. Many of the residents have sexually maladaptive behaviors. I am not suggesting they all be chemically castrated, but if they are incapable of learning that this behavior is wrong, what is the most cost-effective, humane, and efficient way to help them? Many have repeatedly perpetrated on young children and other residents. To institutionalise them forever is expensive, to let them prey on other residents or go outside the facility on a pass and abuse someone is not acceptable, and expecting them to suddenly (or even eventually) understand why it is wrong to behave this way irresponsible because that is not always possible. Sexual criminals apparently don't understand or care that what they do is wrong in a similar, albeit more malicious, way. I feel less ambiguous about the ethics of chemically castrating sex offenders of average intelligence, and the arguments against it seem too emotive. If a person is abused and they become an abuser they are allowed impunity based on the idea that they "learned" the wrong behavior? Chemical castration could be an effective learning tool, not totally punitive. It could be used as a metaphorical crutch during rehabilitation, and what is wrong with being given a crutch if you limp? It isn't cruel, it's helpful. I'm a late-20's female who has never been sexually abused, and I can respond positively to the idea of chemical castration for pedophiles, whether they be criminal or intellectually deficient individuals, logically and without emotion. I'd like for there to be an absolute ethical answer to this question, but there is not. Who decides whether something is moral and ethical? The victims? The parole boards? The psychiatrists? Society at large? Everyone will have different opinions, and I think we should consider each case contextually, but really, give me a better solution than chemical castration...I'd love to figure out what it is...and be convinced that it is the better solution.

Serendip Visitor's picture

chemical castration

I totally agree with you. Those that volunteer to be treated, I applaud. Those that do not, that show no remorse for their victims, need chemical castration the most. A harsh punishment at first. But with therapy, they will be better off in the long run. Don't you think?

Serendip Visitor's picture

THese are people that RAPE

THese are people that RAPE children and you people are talking about side effects. I have worked in places where these offenders end up and let me tell you once they get into an institution they are then preying on the weaker residents. Not only will chemical castration benefit kids but the vulnerable adults that they are co-habitating with in institutions. Side effects are minimal compared to the psychological damage done to victims of sex crimes. Do these people hard wired or not really deserve the benefits of consideration of side effects. Go out and READ stats on all this and you will see by not treating pedophiles we are breeding them.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Chemical Castration

Well said!! I agree totally. A side effect that may possibly produce "menopausal-like" symptoms in the chemically castrated individual is not breaking my heart. What is breaking my heart are these poor, defenseless, voiceless, beautiful children. Does anyone care about what their side-effects are after being brutally raped and abused? They were robbed of their innocence - will carry the scar for the remainder of their lives and tortured for a few minutes of satisfying someone's perverted psychological illnesses. When did this world go so wrong as to quit respecting, defending and VALUING our women and children????!!

James Guthrie's picture

You have some serious issues

You have some serious issues that you need to work through! For one the people that you have seen in an institution are not the same as all the rest. I do not understand why "You" seem to think that chemical castration would benefit any one in an institution when Lithium works just fine. I will agree with your last sentence and I feel sex offenders need to go through a sex offender treatment program. The stats you speak of are from the 80's and of a fearfully ill informed country. You on the other hand really need to seek counseling. Seriously your Freudian slip is showing......

Real Sexual Offender Issues's picture

You are sadly misinformed

The Bureau of Justice Statistics report, "Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison in 1994," states that 5 Percent of sex offenders are rearrested for another sex crime within 3 years of release - which is a far cry from the 75% touted here or the 50% you hear politicians and those associated with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other similar foundations. Furthermore, out of the 9,691 male sex offenders, including 4,295 child molesters, who were tracked for 3 years after their release from prisons in 15 States only 3.3% re-offended. In the article by Sarah Tofte, an estimated 87% of new sex crimes are committed by individuals without a prior sex crime conviction.

Serendip Visitor's picture

chemical castration

All that means is they haven't been caught because typically, these offenders are white, middle class and educated enough not to get caught right away, thus initial rates of recidivism are low. Just because they have not been caught does not mean they are not re-offending, as a 25 year study by Prentky, Lee, Knight and Cerce "recicivism rates among child molesters and rapists: a methodological review" Law and Human behavior, Vol. 21, 1997, pp 635-659. shows that they do eventually get caught. I believe in human rights however I do not believe in sacrificing the victims rights what about the side effects of the crime on the victims. At what point did we as society begin to care more about the offenders than the victims.

James Guthrie's picture

I would also like to point

I would also like to point out that the Statistics are of 1994 or 16 years ago. Sense that time Sex Offender Treatment Programs have been working to bring the 1994 rate of 5% down to less than 3%. Also I do not know if the report of the sex offenders that were tracked for 3 years re-offence rate of 3.3% is all sex crimes? If a sex offender gets re-arrested for simple assault some will count that as a re-offence. Which it is but it is not a sexually committed crime, in which case the 3.3% you list would be much much less. I say again that Chemical Castration is silly.

Serendip Visitor's picture

I think your article is a

I think your article is a little off the mark. To say that it is biased is an understatement. Yes, I think we can all agree that we detest child molesters, however, some of your comments are way off base. To suggest that if a child molester were given spare time they would devise schemes to molest is wrong. They do this whether they have time or not. Their brains are hardwired for the activity. If they don't have the time, they will make the time.
In reading your article I am left wondering if you have ever been a victim of such abuse. It would explain your lack of objectivity.
In the future, you might wish to stick to the facts rather than injecting unsupported ramblings. It would make for a much more interesting read.

Anonymous's picture


Chemical castration is very silly. Katherine Amlin, "their crimes are inexcusable"(a 2002 paper)your mad not because of a crime against a child you do not know but you find that you do not have the capacity to forgive someone of such a crime. You have in turn proven the depth of your own character, but are not sagacious enough to know it! (or better yet "let ye without sin cast the first stone" is that a handful of rocks I see you holding their Katherine?)Besides every professional understands that sexual crimes are about power and control not sex. Sex is just a byproduct of the assault making chemical castration, well just silly. I feel it would be time better spent if you fix your own demons than trying to fix other peoples demons!

Serendip Visitor's picture

Really? Really.....

You're going to throw all that religious crap at someone while you sit and do the same thing? It may not be about sex, but sex acts are a dangerous weapon. They hurt people, children and adults if used improperlly. It should not be used with children at all, period! Chemical castration is definatly not about halting anyones desires except those who think it is proper to use thier sexual organs as a weapon. The people who think that chemical castration is all about big brother trying to get us or about preventing homosexuals from loving one another or whatever else you can come up with, have obviously never been victim to a sex crime. Children especially who are victims of sex crimes are never really the same again. They may not turn into offenders themselves or be any other kind of deviant, but they definatly are not going to grow up to be someone not tainted by an act of being violated to that extent. Have you actually ever talked to a woman who has been rapped either? There are two possible ways they could be, overly proud to be a survivor and worried about stopping sex crimes around the world and fighting for everyone else or a timid scared person who is afraid that everyone may hurt her. There is no coming back from something like that. Demons.....the only people here that are demons that need fixing are the pedophiles and rapists themselves.

Serendip Visitor's picture


Silly? You're an idiot. Who says the sexual crimes are about power and control and not sex? Did you hear that in some sexual harassment seminar? Of course its about sex. It may also be about power and control, but these things are deeply connected to ones sex drive. Chemical castration not only reduces the sex drive, but also the urges for power and control. Save your hippy bullshit for NAMBLA.

Silly!'s picture


Sorry there seriously I had to look up NAMBLA to see what it is. I am not a member nor a fan. I do want to address an issue that you brought up. I know all that I know by going through Sex Offender Treatment Program for over 14 years and being in the group sessions with some of the brightest psychiatrist in the country because this was years ago when the SOTP programming was being created. Yes you are correct that the chemical castration will reduce the sex drive and the urges for power and control. The problem is that it will not remove them 100% and it is shown that treating the incorrect thinking problems that underline sex offenders in the first place returns a far better results. As the offender can live a productive life in society, rather than a half cocked chemically treated loaded gun that one nevers knows will go off, and can now go off because of sexual frustrations you have chemically removed! Today's Sex Offenders no longer rape children they rape and kill them to keep them from telling anyone. Why would you trust the life of a child to some chemical? Your also right I am an idiot, and answering you post proves it.

Anonymous's picture

THe Ayurveda way

Thank you to everyone on this blog. All u people out there please try to find out about ayurvedic castration, or maybe healing processes like rieki, magnified healing, pranic healing can get u out of this urge. I found that ancient Indian sages, sadhakas, upasakas, worshipers, priests etc used a natural nut known as kadukka to kill the drive. Ive also found out that its been used widely by Christian priests in India voluntarily or by completion with no side affects, but rather it has a positive effect it increases "Mukhasree" in English meaning beauty both inner and outer. Its used by cracking the nut and putting the seed in it in drinking water
or just chew it. It only coasts Rs 5 per 100gram, it also increases eyesight, mental strength,faster healing of body and higher concentration rates. In an ancient Hindu text this nut is considered equal to 10 mothers. It is stated that it could help humans as much as 10 mothers help their kid.

The problem is it has to be taken regularly and at the beginning it causes higher urges your dick starts standing without any stimulation. It is sure to work but there is no exact time period i can give u guys when it starts decreasing your urges because it varies according to your body but the wise men say its your Karma you deal with it because no one else can.

Please guys lets search for this type of cure that has no side effects from nature itself. Some say even god can be found by truthful search common guys lets do it for humanity, against evil and chaos. Who the hell knows you may be gods weapon or instrument or blessing to us all.

Tim.'s picture

getting rid of sex drive

Im just a young christian man, who wants to wait for his wife and stay sexualy pure, but my sex drive is insane, enough talk where and how can I get these drugs that decrease sexual drive??

Anonymous's picture


In theory I agree with the CC, but it should be optional and once they've asked for it, then it should be mandatory to contine, not just to get one shot and then vanish!

But there are side effects to Depo Provera, I used it for a year. It's also a female contraceptive injection given every 3mths. But I had horrendous side effects, as do a very large number of women who use it. I don't know what the effects would be on men but perhaps a similar drug would be needed, but altered to reduce the side effects if this would be a life long treatment.

Anonymous's picture

My husband and i been married

My husband and i been married for 25 yrs. We have a disabled child and I know its gotten to the point where he gets frustrated. For the past 2 yrs he has been involved with someone who has been with the whole town it seems. But he says he loves me but has feelings for her. He says he wont ever leave me for her. But it hurts when he does leave once out of the week to be with her. Is there anything he can take as a temporary affect where he goes over there and cant get it up. Maybe he will start thinking this is truly wrong what he is doing and its taking a toll on him. I know u all might think its stupid but if u knew the situation I am in you would understand. Because I do need him. I do love him dearly too. But I am physically unable to handle my children alone. It's embarrassing even asking this but I want to save my marriage. He is loving,physically and mentally to me. Over all the years our sex life has not changed. We are very active in that. And he does so much for me. But I dont want to live like this either. Everyone who knows him cannot believe he is doing this. Any suggestions will help.

LCoastMom's picture

My husband and i been married

I am so sorry. I can understand how you feel about this, after 25 years. It sounds like "midlife crises" which IMO is fine when you're talking about a sports car after the kids move out, but when you're speaking about a married man who has a loving wife and children at home - it rings rather hollow.

They trouble with what you are asking is, it is against the law. God forbid you slip him a little something-something and he has an allergic reaction to it and dies. LE wouldn't have far to look and that would leave your children orphans.

Have you told him to choose? Maybe have a talk with her -
explain if she wants your husband, she gets the 'whole package'? (tell him the same) You don't have to mean it and from the "other women" I have met I don't know 1 who wants the whole package or for that matter a husband who is willing to throw away what he has at home either.

I hope he has been very careful while with her and not brought anything home to you. Take care and good luck!

Lance Chambers's picture

Chemical Castration

I am in favour of any mechanism that reduces the incidence of rape as long as the treatment is NOT left in the hands of the perpetrators.

A slow release system that can be placed 'well under the skin' would be preferable as long as it lasted at least 3 - 6 months so that treatment would only need to be administered on a rare basis requiring few appointments.

Anonymous's picture

What is the age limit?

I've been doing research on sex offenders and came across this site. I was wondering what the age limit for this chemical castration is or how bad of a sex offender they have to be. In my research about sexting in teenagers, young teens are being charged as sex offenders for possessing or passing around the nude photos sent to them. I was wondering if EVERYONE who is considered a sex offender is required to get this or if it's only for certain cases.