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Similarity through time

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Mary Ellen - atmosphere in which we could use our own background knowledge base, bounce ideas off each other, and have the time to process what we were experiencing through trial and error.


Anne - ...don't miss all the great images of us looking for homologies


Diane - I think I would introduce one tree at a time and discussed why the right answer made more sense than the other 2 choices.


Patricia - I hesitated participating in the activity, because I wasn't sure I was following the directions correctly.Later, I realized after each person explained why their pictures were positioned in a particular way, there was no right or wrong classification. I have learned I am a product of teaching that has incapacitated my (creative flow). I must be mindful of how I communicate with my students ,so they will not be afraid of exploring and discovering the world.

Rosemary - many of us were taught in this same environment and it has been beneficial to recognize the universal fear of incorrect answers . I also want to create a safe environmentin my classroom where everyone wants to contribute


Rita - Wil's workshop enabled you to see more similarities than seeing changes over time.


Anne - ...but we spent the morning looking for similarities....


contrast that to...


Rosemary - Change is the Only Certainty


So, what's the interplay/balance between highlighting similarities versus differences?

In our classrooms? ... In science? ...In our own personal narratives?