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Empathy where has it gone?

This afternoon I received disturbing news that one of our old students had murdered another child.  Let me repeat this again a 14 year old child has ended the life of a 16 year old.  I hope upon reading this you reacted the same way as I, your mouth dropped and you stared and shook your head in disbelief.

You probably didn't. You probably briefly felt some tinge of emotion and now want to ask me several questions.  Then you will go on with the rest of your life and store this in your memory until you need to repeat a juicy story to someone else or when you have a discussion with someone about violence you will mention it.

Standpoint Matters: Keeping the Play in Play

According to feminist standpoint theory, each of us views the world from a particular,
place that is both socially constructed and partial in the knowledge it allows us. We can all benefit from "having a standpoint" on our own standpoint.



Standpoint Matters:

Keeping the Play in Play




by Anne Dalke

Summer 2007


Thinking Aloud

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