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Going Back to High School

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As a lover of field trips, I must admit I am excited for the trip to the high school. I am even more excited about finally discusing what we did in class and connecting it to what we have been talking about, as I said in a earlier post, how will our perspective change? I am looking so forward to meeting with the kids that go there and really trying to immerse myself into their environment. On the other hand, I also think about the advantages of visint an under priviledged environment. In some ways I believe that it would have been more fruitful if we visited a school that didn't have a lot of resources. Not to genrealize, but I feel a majority of us are use to nice schools, I would have rather seen a struggle in order to understand how class effects someone than what we are going to now. If class matters, shouldn't we go to a place where class actually is felt? In my AP Government class I learned that the poor is the most self-aware of all classes they know they are disadvantaged, I would have liked to explore the relationship between this awareness and education.


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I wonder if the school we're

I wonder if the school we're visiting really does have a lot more resources than the average school.  I'm not so sure that it will, but I am sure that it will have a lower incidence of behavioral problems than the average Philly school, and I wonder if that is why we are going there.