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The Story of an X

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The Story of An X (Twice Told)

A Story of an X

A Twice Told Tale

By Liz Newbury



When two letters love each other, after a time they will naturally create a wider vocabulary. This is what happened in the case of O and P. They were expecting to create a charming little N or a curvy little C, something that would fit well into the scheme of science. That was where all the good letters went, you know. Into science or engineering or chemistry. They were quite surprised when the nurse came out and declared,

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Left In The Dark

By Liz Newbury


She could not feel the grit of reality

For they had wrapped her in silk

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Changing the Classroom Using The Feminist Critique of Science

Changing the Classroom

Using The Feminist Critique of Science


A feminist walks into the principal’s office at her local elementary school, and slaps down on the desk a thick packet.

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Reconsidering the Boys Club


Reconsidering The Boys Club

By E. Newbury


You've got it wrong. It isn't socialization that we should blame for gender roles, it's just pure logic and biology. Oh, and it’s these factors, combined with shoddy job market, that cause the lack of women in scientific fields not discrimination. It’s because our brains are different that women are bad at science and math.

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