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Contributed Breaking Projects

Breaking: A Life Story in 10 Fragments

Anne Dalke, Jun 23, 2011

But I was after the truth, which impels the searches I conduct both in my classes and in student conferences. That is the cause of my questioning, unremitting, my refusal of complacency, my insistence that, hard and deep as we may dig, we will never, ever get to the bottom.

Been a Long Time Leaving

Rob Goldberg, Jun 23, 2011

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Struggling to think of an apt high-school yearbook quote, I suggested Waylon Jennings’, “I’ve been a long-time leaving but I’ll be a long-time gone,” but my mother instead convinced me to use Dickens’, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”  At the time I said something like, “I guess that’s a better quote Mom” and went on my way.  Now in the hindsight of 28 years of experience, my eyes involuntarily fill with tears every time I revisit this moment.  That one word “worst” covers a lot of ground.

Learning from Extinctions . . . and Life

Paul Grobstein, Jun 26, 2011

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Why are we so upset by death and other breaks, by losses that produce disruptions of the established pattern of things, when so many other things around us treat them with equanimity, even indifference?

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She opens the Lucky Strikes and lights one, then another and another,
experimenting with how to do it until suddenly she’s
swaying in the buzzing morning heat.

Walking Poem

Alice Lesnick and Emma Wipperman, Jul 11, 2011

please I desire none of it but there was nothing else for sale and the money burns a well in my sole i want to walk

Breaking Down

Samantha Matinez, Jul 22, 2011

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My thick walls of protection disintegrated and what was left was a shell of me, in pain, weak, with a loss of words, and a near deadly fascination with dying.


Jessye Cohen-Dan, Jul 27, 2011

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he tells us, putting back the pieces of something broken, or merely,

            made loose at the seams.

Hungry Ghosts

Jody Cohen, Aug 1, 2011

Truth and Power in Education

Bharath Vallabha, Aug 14, 2011

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If the teacher doesn’t stand for something, if the teacher doesn’t say there are some things which are good and some bad, then the students will not have the rupture which is essential for growth.

Breaking in Six Degrees

Hallie Garrison, Aug 18, 2011

[image: Anne Dalke]

Someone’s marriage leads to someone’s birth, a death, a relation, twice-removed in a gene pool of obligation, or maybe true love, or perhaps legacy.   You can’t start over, because you can’t stop it, that forward march.

untitled, Elizabeth Catanese

Elizabeth Catanese, Aug 19, 2011


David Feingold, Aug 30, 2011

Diversity-themed video consisting of quotes, music background and artist's images. Dedicated to the memory of Professor Paul Grobstein, Bryn Mawr College.

I Break A Lot

Wil Franklin, Aug 31, 2011

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... after a life of breaking with old ways, old friends and relationships, with home, with roots, with dreams, what does one become?  What does one fall back on? What is my shape, my color, my default?

4-Panel Image Sequence

Elizabeth Catanese, Aug 31, 2011

It's about finding a whole and releasing a hole. Breaking happens first.

Guy Walks Into a Bar

Alice Lesnick, Sep 3, 2011

My friend, this is changing:
Suspense, you know, breath
Without rhythm

How Not To Hassle the Unconscious

Paul Grobstein, Laura Cyckowski, and Alice Lesnick, Sep 8, 2011

Learning from the Past of Fear

Ivana Evans, Sep 18, 2011

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As a child, I hungered for power and influence, like I suppose many of the children in my impoverished hometown.  I heard of children attempting to obtain such power through stealing and killing.  But I knew that wasn’t the type of power I wanted.

Wheels Spinning in the Mud, Xuan-Shi Lim and Alice Lesnick

Alice Lesnick and Xuan-Shi Lim, Oct 14, 2011

consciously, step one, then the other foot follows; moving. the past catches up. moving, unconsciously. the restless mind runs, just as the water flows, unceasingly.

On People Watching

Linkai Jiang, Nov 16, 2011

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Remember when you were just born? Ok, you probably don’t remember it--and that is exactly how you want to be at the incipient moment of people watching.

Ivana's piece, "Project Empowerment," is a five-part video documentary in which she reflects upon and processes the experience of making her skin condition visible.