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Wheels Spinning in the Mud, Xuan-Shi Lim and Alice Lesnick

In both my spiritual journey and clinical work, I find that the challenge has been to initiate the act of breaking (away from conditioned ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving). . .

start going; take the first step; admit; first rite; begin. when water darkens stones, does their color change?
consciously, step one, then the other foot follows; moving. the past catches up. moving, unconsciously. the restless mind runs, just as the water flows, unceasingly.

and to sustain change that would result in more positive outcomes.

breathing, do you hear the note after the note sounds? is waiting for it another way of hearing it?
Waiting, wishing, wanting. Knowing - I have arrived. The note sounds, then it passes. The restless mind waits.

The symbolic act of breaking happens not once, but over and over and over again, so it feels more like a struggle marked by small victories, setbacks, and failures.

again; remember; another time.  over and over.
is this is how horizon works? and if time isn’t a thread but a sphere?
There is no stopping, regardless. Each breath, each moment, the present becomes the past - right now.

Given where I am right now in life, I am more acutely aware of the difficulties inherent in making a change of any kind . . .

what are the physics of change?  inertia, gravity, flight? what are the rooms of change? waiting rooms; hospital rooms, war rooms, nurseries, window sills, a road, no room at all?  where and when, then, do we come home?
we respond to circumstances. real, conscious change can be hard work. waiting: wheels spinning in the mud. waiting: until circumstances change. waiting for? wwhat is behind the door when it opens? hope.

and I have less to say about the experience of liberation or creativity associated with breaking.

less to say
less to
try, to be here now.

Breaking      takes        time       sometimes          we         wait        without         feeling           potent

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