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The Breaking Project: Workbook

(photo: Alice Lesnick)


You can use these workbook pieces to think through and (p)re-visit the Breaking pieces. They provide ideas of ways to catalyze your and/or your students' own writing, creating/artmaking, and breaking . . . and/or to offer writers/artists feedback on their work/enter into dialogue with them.

You may also submit new prompts, catalyzing agents, queries, ways out, ways in . . .

Breaking Prompts

General Breaking Prompts

General entry questions, quotes, and provocations for beginning disruption -- please feel to add to these.   Their purpose is to invite visions and revisions -- re-mappings, new or dissolved boundaries, sudden illuminations. . .   They aim to help create meaning, dialogue, new fragments and new [re]compositions.


Piece-Specific Breaking Prompts

Click on a given link below to find--and if you like, add--prompts for further writing, thinking, and creating that take-off from a specific piece. 

Workbooked: Learning from Extinctions . . . and Life, Paul Grobstein

Workbooked: 4-Panel Image Sequence, Elizabeth Catanese

Workbooked: Breaking: A Life Story in 10 Fragments, Anne Dalke

Workbooked: The Role of Smoking Cigarettes in the Education of a Young Jew, Jody Cohen

Workbooked: Truth and Power in Education, Bharath Vallabha

Workbooked: Past, Present, Future, David Feingold


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