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The Breaking Project: Add a Piece

breaking the surface, breaking through surfaces  . . . freedom to go way down deep, into the unknown and usually unseen . . . down, through, then -- ? . . . the ripples out . . .

This is an open project. In addition to reading/viewing and commenting on current pieces, you are invited to submit work and become a part of The Breaking Project. Here are some ways in which you can do so.

  • You can ADD A PIECE. We are interested in any and all pieces that are connected to the theme of Breaking; the form is entirely up to you.
  • You can ADD TO THE WORKBOOK, suggesting new prompts, catalyzing agents, queries, ways out, ways in . . . If you submit a piece to the Breaking Project, it would be excellent if you could also submit an accompanying Workbook piece.
  • You can ADD RESOURCES that you believe connect with our project--anything that allows the reader to glean a deeper understanding of your piece and positioning in particular, and of our project as a whole (sources of inspiration, pedagogical groundwork, projects and endeavors that you believe connect with ours, etc.).
  • Have another idea? Something that does not fit the pages/categories we already have? Let us know!

If you would like to submit a piece to The Breaking Project, please email Alice Lesnick ( Please also include a short bio to be posted on the People/Community page and any Workbook prompts or Resources you would like us to post.


Alice Lesnick and Emma Wippermann, editors and


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