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The Breaking Project: People/Community

(photo: Anne Dalke)


Learn a little more about the people who are a part of The Breaking Project's community.

As Ursula Le Guin says in The Dispossessed, we are "Members of a community, not elements of a collectivity" and "there [are] as many emotions [here] as there [are] people." If you are interested in submitting a piece to the project, please visit this page for more information.


Alice Lesnick -- As a teacher and writer, I am interested in collaboration and change.  I serve as director of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program at Bryn Mawr College.  I am exploring what it means to begin with the idea that, in Bharath Vallabha's terms, "every individual is at the cutting edge of the universe."

Elizabeth Catanese is a visual artist, poet and teacher who is working to live honestly and authentically and connect with the creative energy of others.

Anne Dalke -- Picking up on this notion that we are all "at the cutting edge," I *could* say that I've always lived there, on the edge: cutting, being cut, shaping, being shaped and re-shaped…in teaching, writing, wife-ing, mothering, be-friending, seeking, Quaking….in my academic work, too, which cuts many ways, into emergent pedagogies, feminist theory and narrative traditions, revisionary work in the canon of American literatures, the intersections between science and literature, the varieties of ways that we have categorized ourselves (and the world), and the ways in which we might make other, better "cuts"…..

Ivana Evans is a senior at Haverford College, completing a major in Spanish and a minor in Educational studies. During her time at Haverford, the idea of empowerment through education has interested her and has influenced the way she thinks about learning. After graduation, Ivana plans to be a teacher so that she may study and experience this element of education and many others further.

Wil Franklin
– I am a reflection of my environment interacting with the product of my history and a will struggling alone and with others to imagine and create new possibilities.  I have broken with many environments, stories and personal myths, but now find myself exploring the possibilities of undergraduate biology education at Bryn Mawr College.

Hallie Garrison is in her third year at Bryn Mawr College.  She chose to major in Sociology, but continues to dabble in other departments, including Education, Music, and Gender Studies.  She is enthusiastic about words, caffeine, and greeting cards.

Linkai Jiang is a part-time philo-math-er. I am waiting for a stranger to ask me for two hours of my time to listen to his/her story. Are you that stranger?   

Io Xarles is a pseudonymous multimedia artist, daytime cognitive science researcher, and silent follower of Serendip since 1998.  He has previously exhibited artwork at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Cambridge Digital Arts Festival, curated an arts-science exhibition at the London Science Museum and won the poetry slam at the Towards a Science of Consciousness conference.   These poems are an early part of an ongoing  project called Striatum0/1 on the theme of breakdown and reconstruction in science and creativity -- a similar topic to Serendip's current project -- and may one day be set to music with Striatum0/1.

Rachel Clark - I am a student from the class of 2016. Growing up in the Rockies of Colorado, I have always found appreciation for rocks and minerals. My passion for geology has been evolving since I attended middle school. I intend to travel globally and collaborate with scientists all over in the future. As anyone can see in my piece, "Human Geology," I often use comparison as a way to understand concepts I find mysterious or perplexing. While I don't view myself as being a strong writer, I found it useful and entertaining to look at geology and human behavior in a creative way.

Van Le is a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College who strives to untangle her speech and tie it in with others'. She is currently exploring the undercurrents  in the cultural dynamics-life that makes no noise/ representation- versus the omnipresent pop culture, while working out the right moment to (dis)connect.

Molly Mac Dougall is a member of the Bryn Mawr class of 2016 and a major in Psychology. She is interested in exploring methods of breaking down societal expectations for psychological functions and the disconnect between individuals' identities and they way they fit into society.

Esteban Trevino For the last ten years or more I have been on an adventurer related to knowledge/heuristics/practices and the mental models individuals use. There is actually quite a bit of 'stuff' and underlying stories that have to do with the exploration of the dynamics of making a change, especially when considering that regardless of what one does one still gets the same results because of what one holds. That is, the acts of disruption (and order) perpetuate the status quo rather than serve to bring about the emergent transformation.  So how does one disrupt the disruptive and ensure each part does what each ought to do because they choose to do what be proper? Freely choose to behave and work towards the win-win enriching state. 

Medoza Ameen is a Junior at Bryn Mawr College, on her way to completing an English major and minors in Anthropology and Film Studies. Her time is most happily spent on turning five minute stories into full blown dramas for the amusement of herself and her friends.


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