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Breaking Prompts


"There was a wall.  It did not look important."

-- Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed, p. 1

What sets the walls/filters of your mind/imagination?  

What happens if/when you change or thin the walls/filter?

What do you see/feel/want when you imagine changing your mind about something you take as basic to your life, or to all life?  

What tradition have you up-ended? What got loose/got out in the process?  Then what?

What images and metaphors does the word "breaking" evoke in your imagination?  What stories attach to it for you?

Can people learn to be skilled at breaking?  Should we?


   The work of education is change. 

       --Alice Lesnick


Breaking can be an action or an occurence--you can break something or experience something breaking. 

What happens when you allow breaking?  

I think change is the only constant, the constant participant in every control group. Earth, the ecosystems we live in, cultures, languages, each being and all their organs and cells . . . the only thing I know for certain is that they will always change. To change must you break? Is replacing breaking? Sand that used to be a stone--did that stone break?

       --Emma Wippermann


 . . . what else?


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