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Fact vs. Truth

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Hi class,

I am a softmore at Bryn Mawr college and I am an undeclared  major in Sociology with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality. I thought I might take this class because it is a course  that transcends the boundaries of what it means to be factional or fictional. I found that in our first class discussion, most people seemed to think that truth is different for everyone. Well, I have friend who was born to a mother and father who were Irish Catholic and Jewish respectively. She however, refused to consider herself Irish Catholic and retained that she was and has always been of Jewish culture and religion.  Not knowing that it would irritate her, I told her: "you can't just say you aren't  something when you simply are, that simply is the fact." She responded by saying that I was incorrect, because she raised in only one manner.

I think as a class crossed the line between fact and truth. I personally think that although truth is in the eye of the beholder, the fact is always there. In my friend's case she had her own truth but it's impossible to deny that you are not something that you in fact are by blood.

I hope we discuss more abstract ideas in the future.


For "Facing the Facts"

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                                                              truth is always there


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