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The semester...

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 In terms of the reading for the remainder of the semester I would not like to read a second graphic novel after A Game of You, so I do not want to read Persepolis. I would really like to read parts from Thousand and One Nights however- I feel that would be a good compliment and extension of our current text choices. The movie Stardust would be nice to see as it is based on A Game of You and I feel that another view on the same story line would bring a part of what the class liked about the mystery/Sherlock idea that we had back into the syllabus. The movie Dreams also looks really interesting, so if there is any way that we could watch both movies I think that would be great. I think that exploring different mediums more fully will help us see the breadth of the "genre" that we have chosen to examine.

I agree that House no longer fits into the syllabus so I think that should be disregarded. In terms of other texts, I would be open to reading either The Man in a High Castle or Dante's Inferno. I feel that either of these texts along with the other material that we plan on covering will sufficiently include the majority of the elements that we decided that we wanted to cover at the beginning of our conversation on building this quarter's syllabus.


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If we want to involve Persepolis (and pair it with Thousand and One Nights), the movie version is similar enough in style and content to the original graphic novels that I think it would serve well.

Stardust is actually based on a different Neil Gaiman novel, not A Game of You, so it wouldn't necessarily provide a different-platform take on the same storyline. Stardust does deal with a fairy world, which functions like a dream world or a nonsense world, but the movie version condenses the original's story and themes enough that I'm not sure it would be as helpful to our discussion.

I think the plan that's currently posted (both versions of Persepolis, some Thousand and One Nights, no Stardust) works really well to examine different versions of the same story (different platforms as well as adaptations/evolutions).

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