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The EdSurge Edtech Index

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edSurge does many things well - it aggregates news, opinion pieces, reviews, upcoming events, product reports. The Edtech Index is currently in its beta stages. The index calls itself a "community-driven database of edtech products" and hosts a number of products in diverse categories including Curriculum Products, Classroom Needs, and College Resources. Several of these categories are specifically tailored towards K-12 audiences and classrooms. In fact, that majority of the available resources are geared towards these lower-level audiences. Even the College Resource section includes a substantial number of resources focused on college preparedness and career preparation. Far more interesting is the "Everything Else" category. This section includes Authoring Tools, Content Discovery and Curation, Maker and DIY Tools, etc. The resources are varied, and they require a fair amount of sifting through to find the useful ones. More targeted educational databases don't always bother to catalog these kinds of resources, so the Edtech Index is invaluable for finding miscellany related to education - if you're willing to do some digging.


Types of OER:
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