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The Breaking Project: Contents

(photo: Alice Lesnick)


untitled, Elizabeth Catanese

4-Panel Image Sequence, Elizabeth Catanese

Hungry Ghosts, Jody Cohen


Learning from the Past of Fear, Ivana Evans

I Break A Lot, Wil Franklin

Learning from Extinctions . . . and Life, Paul Grobstein

How Not to Hassle the Unconscious, Paul Grobstein, Laura Cyckowski, and Alice Lesnick

On People Watching, Linkai Jiang

Breaking My Heart, Julia Lewis

Brandy Snaps and Battlefields, Clare Mullaney

Emergence, Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus

Making Amends: Ringing the Bells That Still Can Ring, Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus

Truth and Power in Education, Bharath Vallabha


The Role of Smoking Cigarettes in the Education of a Young Jew, Jody Cohen

untitled, Jessye Cohen-Dan

Guy Walks Into a Bar, Alice Lesnick

Walking Poem, Alice Lesnick, Emma Wippermann, and You, if you want - comments are not only comments but extensions.

Wheels Spinning in the Mud, Xuan-Shi Lim and Alice Lesnick


Breaking: A Life Story in 10 Fragments, Anne Dalke

Breaking in Six Degrees, Hallie Garrison

Been a Long Time Leaving, Rob Goldberg

Breaking Down, Samantha Martinez

Breaking Glass, Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus



Project Empowerment: A Video Documentary of Process and Reflection, Ivana Evans

Diversity, David Feingold


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