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Some Theory about Science and a Sense of Place

Some Theory about "Science and a Sense of Place"

Randal Holly, last summer's institute:
"What aspects of their world do our kids care about?
What would it distress them to lose? (Anything made of marble...??)
Can we use that as an incentive to learn?"

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A Sense of Place--and Movement

Hi. I'm Anne Dalke. Like some of you, I'm trying to make the move, now, from "brain and behavior" to "science and a sense of place..."



I'm also working very hard this summer on finding a new, personally designed 'sense of place.' I'm living a tandem life, going back and forth between my so-beautiful farm and family life in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and my so-engaging work and colleagues @ Bryn Mawr.

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