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request for self-evaluations

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Sara, Hayley and Sasha--
please write a self-evaluation of your prison work this semester.
General guidelines can be found in the self-evaluation that you did for
WWC 1 1/2 years ago: /exchange/courses/360/silence/f12/portfolio
--but here's the current version we'd like you to respond to:

This process invites you to "diffract" on all the work you have done in
our prison group and to contribute to and assist us with the evaluation of your work.  

In order to do this, be specific and descriptive, but also evaluative:
Review your participation in our group work before, during and after the sessions
we spend inside.  How present-and-contributing have you been during our preparation,
in our discussions inside, and during our debriefing sessions?

* Describe how you prepared for, and reflected on, the prison environment
and classroom experience outside of class.  In what ways did you push yourself
outside your comfort zone?

* Describe your critical, active engagement during our sessions in RCF:
How did you actively engage women in conversation and relationship?
Did you initiate or wait for someone to talk to you? To what degree
did you push yourself outside your comfort zone?

* Reflect, too, on your engagement with the reading and writing we assigned.
How much of the reading did you do? Did you do any writing, either in response
to our assignments, or on-line? What can you say about your academic and personal
learnings that grew out of the process?

* How else have you contributed to the success of our venture?
(driving, xeroxing, gathering materials, etc?)

* What ideas do you have for our work going forward into next year?
What dimensions would you like to keep, and what might you suggest we alter?
How might you accentuate or re-think your own role?

We'd be happy to have you upload these on Serendip @
(log in first; also send us a note w/ the URL when you've done so,
so Jody can find it!). If you'd rather this not be public,
just send copies to each of us by e-mail.