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Randal Holly Home

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Academic Year 2002-2003

Room 406

This web site serves as a library of eighth grade service learning projects completed by students at Thomas Fitzsimons Middle School under the direction of Mr. Randal Holly. The projects are multidisciplinary in scope and require students use Puzzle Creator 2000, Microsoft's Word, Excel and Powerpoint to present their findings and any related researched material. In addition, the projects provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical digital photography experiences. It is worth noting that the writing of word clues using Puzzle Creator 2000 adds a component that satisfies basic language arts requirements. Students also decorate a project board so as to display the results of their work as well. This physical item is prominently displayed in our school library. Each student group is responsible for an oral presentation of their topic followed by fielding questions from our student audience. In past years, these projects have been available for viewing at the Philadelphia School Board, local District meetings and the Gratz Cluster office. Student groups selected from the following three topics:
  • Which brand of gum provides the most energy and the least damage to tooth enamel?
  • How much of a financial benefit can be experienced by initiating paper recycling procedures at our school?
  • Can we manage our electricity costs resulting from light fixtures more effectively?

STUDENT DIRECTORY (I still remember most of these kids)

  • Isaiah Austin
  • Herb Baker
  • Jamal Bailey
  • Nafis Bellmon
  • Roland Blue
  • Kareem Clark
  • Jeffrey Cobbs
  • Maurice Dantzler
  • Christopher Doughty
  • Jeffrey Fleming
  • Emerald Hart
  • Donte Hinton
  • Thomas Hicks
  • Antonio Jardine
  • Stedmon Lawhorn
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Ryan Lalmansingh
  • Demetrius Mahoney
  • Maurice Mason
  • Wakeen Murray
  • Keith Nesmith
  • Preston Payne
  • Donta Regusters
  • Shamir Robinson
  • Maurice Rogers
  • Leonard Rykard
  • Dante Simmons
  • Kaleem Smalls
  • Shar-ron Stubbs
  • Ali Taylor
  • Domonic Thomas
  • Brian Williams

Previous Web Authoring Efforts

As I began creating my first student directory, I realized that Twiki allowed me to easily group my earlier attempts at web authoring. These web sites were created during previous Institute offerings. The computer technology skills I have acquired at Bryn Mawr College have proven invaluable to me as an educator and are an inherent part of my science program.

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