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Here's Joyce

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General Schedule for my Balanced Classroom

General Schedule of All Classes  

(except 8th period which will have an extra 5-10 mins each day of stress reduction activities)



Every day:      

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Engaging the Whole Mind in Science Education

 Inquiry for me: Pursuit of deep understanding within myself as initiated by curiosity that might be tested by materials but definitely (tested) by the opinion of my community.


Engaging the Storyteller and the Cognitive Unconscious in Science Education : SCALE

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INDEX to Joyce's Webpages

Brain Blues Joyce's index

School Year 2010-2011 Metacognition Research
Summer 2010 (Click
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Paul’s Brain & Behavior X3

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Grant Proposal 09




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Delivery System Inquiry

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Classification Inquiry



Snapshot Inquiry -Chemistry Activity: (1 class period)

Materials: Variety of Element Trading cards (made by students from past years)

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Class Goals and Structure

    Joyce Hubert-Theriot

Bayard Rustin High School

Science Class Goals and Structure

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Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences 


Gardner's Eight Areas of Intelligence


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