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Joyce's Intro

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Fortunately, my high school provided powerful science and math teachers that infused me with the idea of exploring the world according to science.  After earning a degree in Biology; I continued into graduate studies in Oceanography and Marine Science. Naturally, I wanted to use my knowledge to "save" people of the Philippines by joining the Peace Corps. I decided that my expertise in the Intertidal zone would transfer to demonstrating techniques for Mariculture. As it turned out instead I became known as the “Tilapia Lady” and within my time there I learned more about myself than any psychology courses could have ever uncovered.
I returned to science research in the States after spending about 5 months exploring and travelling the world several times. Performing Aquatic research in Philadelphia I worked primarily with sea lamprey and catfish. We used only the barbels of these beefy fish; much to the delight of my Cajun husband who would take a holiday to filet the hundred or more "dewhiskered" donors.

Years later a head on collision (caused by an altered teen) opened an opportunity for me to look into a new career since damage to my neck and back ended my research. My years of conducting trainings in Special Olympics lead me to science teaching as a natural choice. However, my luck landed a great job working with teachers at the Franklin Institute and focused my ability for Inquiry.


Creating Inquiry-based curriculum drove me eventually back to research and my lab now is in my high school science classroom where I have explored, tested, taught and learned for the past ten years.