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Grant Proposal 09

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Grant Proposal for the Bryn Mawr 2009 Summer Institutes:
Brain and Behavior
Inquiry Institute 
Title: Developing Deep Understanding Using Brain-Related Transformation of Power and Human Connections
Goal:  In view of the success of “Culturing the Norm Setters in my Classroom” (Bellwether) last year I plan to extend and enrich my design. Using metacognitive techniques and brain-based biology outlined in the resources offered in the Inquiry and Brain Institute:
 I will incorporate methods to help students identify the times and situations in science when they approach or achieve deep understanding.  I have developed and will implement a weekly plan that targets student movement and fosters their “ownership” of the room and ultimately the science work that is conducted there. To start students thinking about their own thinking, I am having them construct a “Brain-Drain” paper every day during the 10-15 minutes that I am reviewing during the start of class. They are allowed to doodle, invent, write, create - anything that’s not offensive. I collect it every day and briefly scan and place a check mark on it for validation. I hope to gain insight about their unconscious doodling as they listen to my summaries of our science content. Students will place each Brain-Drain in a separate section of their binder and at the end of the MP they will select their best one to put within the outside plastic, clear-view sleeve of the binder. Besides gaining insight into the student’s thinking process, this collection may also serve as a bridge between us that will offer human and caring connections that are richly valued by teens. They will know that I care and respect their thinking process. This in turn, I predict, will motivate my students to achieve for intrinsic reasons. This process, as described by Zull in The Art of Changing the Brain, could initiate deep understanding. I am very enthusiastic about this research!
 Grant Materials from Brain & Behavior
and Science Inquiry Institute
50 Binders x $2.00 = $100.00
(with a clear view plastic front and back face to put “Brain Drain” papers)
Genetics Kit and extra fast Wisconsin Fast Plants seeds - $ 80.00
Shelves, lights and other materials - & 60.00
Nikon Cool Pix (for student photo documentation) - $ 250.00
Intel Digital Microscope (toy) 200x – $50.00
3 Plastic carts with 5 shelves- $60.00
(for student movement within classroom via document dispersal)
Digital Scale – $50.00
Hot Plate - $ 50.00


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Brain and Behavior 2008 grant proposal.

I’m quite aware that most of the students I taught in the past and will continue to teach in future learn more visually. This has necessitated my desire to lay more emphasis on using equipments like video, digital camera and overhead projectors as my teaching and learning equipments.

It won’t be surprising to know that most of the students I teach are presently engaged in using video games, X-Boxes and Play- Stations to entertain themselves all through the summer holidays. This is one of the reasons why I'm now more strongly inclined to use any equipment that will enhance visual learning and teaching in the coming school year.

My desire is to have an LCD projector to teach my students and help them to learn better. This equipment will help me take my Environmental class on a virtual tour without the need to ask for parents’ consent, apply for school bus or other means of transport and go through the cumbersome protocol that one needs to complete before approvals can be granted for such out-of-school activities.

After surfing through the Internet, I was able to find a couple of LCD projectors out of which I intend to purchase the one stated below.

  • Dell 1409X Projector Image Brightness: 2500 ANSI lumens
Resolution: 1024 x 768

Cost: $699.00 after $50.00 instant rebate.

The $200.00 will be used to defray some of the cost of this equipment and it's accessories.