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Random Thought: "DO IT ALL"

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"Do it all."

A professor of mine just past me on the sidewalk. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes. This literally happened five minutes ago, so my thoughts may still be a bit jumbled, but if I wait to write this down I may loose this feeling, and I'd be doing the exact opposite of his advice- "Do it."


Somewhere along the line I was taught, or taught myself to believe, that the truely great people are the ones who invest themselves entirely in their passion. Mozart in his music. Martha Graham in her dance. I think I've conditioned myself to believe that if you truely want to be great, unique, groundbreaking, you have to choose a passion and develop into it. 

Five minutes ago, my professor said, "Do it all." DO IT ALL...

I thought having more than one passion meant you had to split yourself up, and therefore never fully commit yourself to one thing, one mode, and become truely great. I'm not sure I think that anymore. Maybe a person is more whole than that, and is able to take their "self" completely from one passion to the next, never spiltting, but fully investing with each new passion. 

Maybe Louche was right. Maybe I was too narrow sighted. Too egocentric to think you have to "find your passion in life". Why can't you find your "passionS". After all, there are threads in activities. There are similarities between music and dance. Dance and writing. Playing chess and painting. There are threads. And if there are threads that tie this activities together, why can't you do them all, enjoy them all equally, and invest yourself deeply in each and every one. If you invest yourself, if you become passionate in the threads, you can become passionate in so many different things. YOU CAN DO IT ALL, because ALL IS CONNECTED. 

You don't have to realize you're a writer, or a painter, or a scientist. YOU CAN BE EVERYTHING. Just DO IT ALL.

(carefully of course, but that goes without saying)