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Brain Drain

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Brain DrainBrain Drain

While trying to find the summer institute page without a link; I somehow googled into this lovely post by Teal. I've been to our site many times yet have never seen this page. I love the institute but am sad about how disconnected we are when we try to go back and refresh in the warm waters of our summer interactions! I wish that there was a better way to keep all of our messages, thoughts, and classroom-updates together in our post institute shares.

Enough whining about technology! Teal  I am so proud to think that a small idea that led me to brain drain my students as a warm-up activity last year has now evolved into your incredible artwork (did you design it?) and your masterful summation of our summer of 2010. I have little time as I sit in my science room waiting for class to start but I had to respond now and post in my portfolio with this website /exchange/node/7821 so I can return again to write more to you and about our summer. Your analysis is fantastic, so perceptive and interesting. I hope you are currently enjoying your school year and are still checking in at Serendip. More later!