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Writers' Studio

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Welcome...  Welcome writers.  This is a place to think about writing.  Any genre, any level of completion, and any  writing-other hybrids are welcome.  Comments on writing can happen at any time, because a good comment is worth the wait.  This is an alternative to traditional structured writing programs.  In order to participate please fill out the contact form for the group.  (Please feel free to comment on the writing of this introduction to the group.)  Hopefully everyone participating will all learn something about writing and teaching writing. 

Happy writing!

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Home and Garden

Home and Garden


Island life is hard on a house                                     sitting beside a shed named Mouse House.

How like a horse is a house,     

                                     tender I                 wonder.  

                                                                  Where is the boundary between wild and wonderful?

Swelling plants

                      will swallow the water hose whole.

Dwelling place

                      cobwebs are the burglar alarm for daddy long legs. 

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Class Dismissed

Hedge fund managers and CEOs,
Captains of Industry, Masters of the Universe
Walk their little dogs down my street
little bags 
of dog shit.

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Hurricane Plus Nor'Easter Equals?

Nantucket Island never lost electricity,

Though winds swept sand into my eyes and the sea spewed.

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


Murray’s Liquor was last Main Street store to close surely; 

The pharmacy counter got tipped twenty for food. 

Nantucket Island never lost electricity


Sand bagging the strip was proven unnecessary;

Below the sidewalks well-behaved floodwaters brewed.

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


Brussels sprout stalk in the fireplace were pretty smelly,

But my best friend insisted firewood should be valued!

Nantucket Island never lost electricity!


A cottage in Madaket was swept into the sea;

Residents weren’t surprised, the owners subdued.

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


Posting flood photographs on Facebook makes New Jersey

Friends worry about me, while waiting to be rescued.

Nantucket Island never lost electricity;

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.

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Lunch Invitation (Post Script Series)



Bay scallop leaves

Harbor for boiling water, bay leaves

White wine, yellow onions, potatoes, corn, butter,

Cream, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley, and

More thyme.


The not last taste

Overlays scallops and corn

Of Zea mays var. saccharata out

Of season, there is no sexy way to say I miss you

Words discarded with shells at Jetties parking lot


The shellfish

Is always selfish in chowder. 

Still, try to see the blue bowls garnished with parsley,

And pats of butter on beautiful cold days. 

Recipe for a specific experience. 


Oh Iowa sweet!

Become my yellow-white bouquet summer man.

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the Mall

Climate controlled consumption
Line forms here.
Time released mineral hydration
Now hiring greeters, $12.00 per hour.
Senior speedwalk, Sears to Macys.
Code two to home fashions
Segway security
High school outcasts trying to buy cool
Ancient eyebrow threading
Adolescent courtship in the food court
The great denim event
Misshapen men sipping sodas.
Teen moms push plastic racecar baby strollers
Dial up your dazzle.
Double meat, just add $1.29.

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The News

This morning I learned,
Surprising me when it stung,
You got remarried.
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Plotting (Post Script Series) (X series)

I am the three-dimensional problem represented by the two-dimensional graph. The derivative tells the story of how a function changes as its input changes. The function is why is the narrator. The first derivative of gives velocity, the second acceleration, the third jerk, the fourth jounce.

The derivative of the function at a particular point is equal to the slope of the tangent line. You only need two points to plot a straight line. Now, how to determine the equation of the line? (y = mx + b) B is the y-intercept; the point where the line crosses vertical axis. M is the slope, rise over run. Slippery slope? Slippery brain? Slippery brains fall easily in love. B told me I had a sexy brain. That is the best compliment to a neurobiologist.

Begin with B robing me in terrycloth and brewing fresh coffee. We sat in his air-conditioned garage while he smoked an American Spirit. Inside, B simply handed me a toothbrush. It was shiny and new and he gave me a travel case too. I keep it on my bookshelf.

X gave me a toothbrush last night. He instructed me to leave it on the nightstand on my side of the bed. The plastic and cardboard packaging was misshapen. I teased X about who used the toothbrush. The bristles felt too soft. His brussels sprouts are perfectly soft. X’s been rehearsing this for days, I know. I was sad.

What lies between B and X?

This is only one tangent; there are infinitely many more…

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Forgotten Poem

Inward arctic austerity
Screeching self impeachment
Slow-mo panic show
Abstinent ascetic itching
Owning my blunder, wondering
Is this fleeting scene completed?

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They think that they might know me, but they don't know me, no.
Maybe I know better, maybe also I might not though.
I don't know what I'm doing and neither do you either.
That's the good news and the bad news too. 
Or neither.
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Coffeeship (Post Script Series)

Cup a thought,

Iced venti unsweetened iced coffee. 


This is the story of a writer,

And a barista


Watching you

With one American Spirit per ten.

Watching me




As for flowers and horses, writers

Must be watered. 


First coffee with

Cream and the barista man. 

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Island Girl


Habit       habitat

Serendibian brown

I imagine my aquarium Sri Lanka.


Green crickets,

Right orienting left,

Superficial optic tectum, tacoform,

Experiments are your measurements altering me

From head to heart.


You croak.

I prove interspecies

Stockholm syndrome exists

Eating lonely Block Island black crickets.

Truly yours