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Lunch Invitation (Post Script Series)

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Bay scallop leaves

Harbor for boiling water, bay leaves

White wine, yellow onions, potatoes, corn, butter,

Cream, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley, and

More thyme.


The not last taste

Overlays scallops and corn

Of Zea mays var. saccharata out

Of season, there is no sexy way to say I miss you

Words discarded with shells at Jetties parking lot


The shellfish

Is always selfish in chowder. 

Still, try to see the blue bowls garnished with parsley,

And pats of butter on beautiful cold days. 

Recipe for a specific experience. 


Oh Iowa sweet!

Become my yellow-white bouquet summer man.


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The most vivid, wonderful

The most vivid, wonderful moments in this poem come for me when the syntax is most direct:  "leaves /harbor for boiling" ; "the not last taste" ; "there is no sexy way to say I miss you" ; "Oh Iowa sweet!". These honest lines feel straight from the mind, uninfluenced by craft -- but then craft comes in your lines breaks ("out / of season") and sound-play ("taste / overlay", "The shellfish / is always selfish").