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Projects for the Environmental Club

Rosemary Krygowski's picture

My environmental club has a place in history. For the last twelve years our school community has helped me raise the funds to take my students to Canada. For years my students have been assisting teachers and staff at lunch and after school. This year  I wanted the students to be involved in service learning . Although I started this on a small scale last  year this year I want it to encompass more areas. Some new or improved activities will be:

   1.My club will be assisting our life skills class in collecting recycled papers throughout the building.

   2.I plan to have them do some research on litter. They will go the and come up with some litter facts and relate them to our school. This will be part of the morning announcements.

   3.They will also take part in clearing the outdoor classroom.I plan to buy some tools so that they can weed and chop back the overgrown shrubs so that this place will again be a functioning classroom.

   4.I also plan to have the students raise community awareness of our Treevitalization project that is scheduled some time in the fall.I will have them place posters around the school advertising this day ands write an article in the newsletter to promote this worthwhile event.

     5. Another project that I would love to try is the Leaf Pack Project. Click here for more info on this project