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Not learning anything

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 I don't know what I knew before and I don't know what I know now.  I knew I didn't know anything before and I know I don't know anything now.


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Nap, then Move On

Then stop trying.

Knowing is organic. Let inspiration, when it comes, guide your learning. You know a lot more than you think, and you'll learn a lot more than you can ever imagine.

You know so much. You know that things can be relative. You know what you feel. You know you can learn. You say you are tired of not knowing anything, but you've learned so much just by being alive!

Just stop trying, and think of it as conversing. Trying implies a struggle, but learning doesn't have to be a struggle- it's an adding on, a gaining, a growing. You say you're tired of trying to know something, but life is a learning. It's natural. You don't have to try so hard.

Stop trying; change your mind set. Go take a nap, and when you wake up, move on.

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natural cycles

Being tired/feeling frustrated is a part of learning.  It’s supposed to happen this way, you have worked hard this semester.  For me, the troubling part of feeling exhausted comes because when I’m tired I can’t figure out what kind of rest I need.  I'm pretty sure that the right kind of rest is not to take a nap and move on though.  When we do this, we miss out on other really important parts of learning.  Maybe the right kind of rest is playing a game? Or making a list of all of the things you do know?  I’m sort of crappily referring to this model for teaching/learning/life/awesomeness that I learned about a four-ish years ago.  It’s called natural cycles.  Here’s what it looks like in a picture:

if we do relaxation correctly, then we get to celebration! and perhaps to the other parts of the cycle that are necessary if we seek to internalize and share the lessons from our experiences.   

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I'm tired of not knowing anything.

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still tired

I'm tired of trying to know something.