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Course Reflection

abradycole's picture

Already, in the first few weeks we've been in this class, my perception of technology in education has changed drastically. Our reading of Selwyn's Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates has complicated and expanded my understanding of the many possibilities technology allows for formal and informal education.

Our own project on a Selwyn chapter was challenging in a way that I had not expected. I used Tumblr, a website I associate with mindless procrastination (because that's how most of my friends use it), to present my project. I used it in a way that I didn't know was possible, and it has expanded my idea of how social media and communication on the internet can and should be used academically. I had to work to overcome a nagging sense that because of the medium I was using, my work was not legitimate or worthwhile. I felt a little bit guilty until I finished my project, but then realized that the medium I had used really can be utilized for academic purposes.

I hope I can continue, through this course, to explore and discover new avenues for communication and education. I think our work with Minecraft and Twitter will definitely help me with that.