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A 17 Minute film set entirely on a Teen's Computer Screen

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I found this film to be fascinating! True to life, and really seemed to hit close to home. I think it portrays how dramatically techonology and social media has already changed the way we are communicating and interacting. 

You can't really fight it. 

Warning: Some segments contain explicit male nudity


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I saw this a while ago! Its

I saw this a while ago! Its so terrifying for me sometimes to see how our lives can actually just revolve behind technology. At first I used to associate that with only avid gamers such as people who's lives revolved around things like Minecraft, but its scary to see how its become so normal to sit at the dinner table or hang out with your ffriends and everyone's on their phones- So in a way, they are still socializing, but is there any hiuman connection anymore?

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Thanks for posting this and

Thanks for posting this and the other file, Wendy!