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Do the Assumptions teachers make of students based on various features affect their Expectations of the level of students' academic achievement?

Before we start our discussion, let's us take a short test of making assumptions.

Take the assumptions test

Did you opinion change after you learned the identity of the person?

Does the assumptions we make about our studnets affect our expectations of their abiliyies and potential level of academic achievement?


How does a teacher maximize the learning environment for all students?

By utilizing empathy, the teacher creates an emotionally and physically risk-free, protected, and dynamic learning environment for all children.

To create this type of learning environment for all students, a teacher can start by utilizing following concepts.


1. Correct Mindsets and Assumptions

2. High Expectations for ALL students


Now a test of our ability to detect emotions. 

The facial expression test allow us to explore our reading of facial expressions and the development of assumptions.

Click here to take the Facial Expression test

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