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making progress!

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accomplishment - i built another house, this one even more legit than the first one (which i lost ..). this one has three windows (which i made from glass that i made by smelting wood in my furnace .. i know, duh, of course that's how you make glass, but it still feels really cool to me!) .. and it has a door, and my bed, furnace, and crafting table, and chest. it's not very aesthetically pleasing and its super boxy and dark with a low ceiling, but hey it's mine! i feel strangely attached to this, like concerned with making it look nice .. and picking a 'nice' plot of land and clearing it, etc, as if this is really 'my' land and it all reflections back on me. but in a way, it is totally my creation , and it does reflect on me - so strange, i never thought i would experience this through a game! it really is an eerily good 'simulation' of how we interact with objects in the analog world. 

observation - i'm growing to like it more and more every day ... this morning as i was walking to class, i was already looking forward to my alloted time when i can curl up in my sweatpants on my bed and play ... it feels like my own little world over which i have agency and free will. i feel so much more competent now than before, too .. like i can look anything up in the wiki, and now i have the basic skills to figure things out, like the basic processes. i can craft things, i have a  furnace, i understand those processes that are fundamental. it feels a lot like learning a new langauge to me - how at first you are completley overwhelmed, especially doing it by immersion, and then how small aspects reveal themselves to you slowly until one day lots of things click all at once and you feel like you can navigate it all much more quickly - once you have the verb conjugations down, for example, or the different tenses, something like that - so you can speak much more without thinking. it's cool how those more basic processes in the game, like mining and crafting fundamental things, become second nature. 

struggle - it's getting lonely in singleplayer world ... now that i have my house and all, i know there is infinitely more i could keep doing, like plant a garden or start a farm, but id like to 'interact' with some others ... 

question - is there a way to pick things up again that you have placed? every time i want to move something, like move my bed or crafting table, i have to hack it up and then capture it and then re-place it ... ? and how do i make a nicer house - materialism already at play, ah! also, how do you make walls and ceilings higher than 3 blocks? do you have to stand on something to place the blocks? 


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i found today (tuesday's)

i found today (tuesday's) class very helpful ... i enjoyed talking and playing with our classmates and learned a lot. i worked with isabelle and robert, and both helped me gain a much better understanding of where i can go from my current skill and experience level. as robert and i 'walked' around his new house in the server (amazing!), i asked him questions about various objects and materials .. how he got them, made them, what they are used for, etc. Both he and isabelle were wonderful about answering and helping me string together some of my more fragmentary knowledge. i learned about a lot of new materials that i didnt even know existed becaues i have never seen them, either in person or on the wiki - like obsidian, red stone, and diamond. i learned how to eat, too, with isabelle and robert's help! (thanks to wendy's food shelter for keeping me alive there - so amazing). i also found it cool that when isabelle explained to me how to start a farm (i had asked), she only had to say a few things, like 'make a stone hoe, which is 2 sticks and 2 cobblestone blocks (and demonstrated the shape with her hands' and then 'gather seeds .. use the hoe to prepare the earth.' I love that i totally understood what she meant with those directives, even the 'recipe' for the stone hoe, it made total sense, and i immediately was able to visualize it. it made me feel very accomplished to now have enough base knowledge to be able to get on the same page with her - i didn't have to first ask, 'how to i make sticks/get stone/get seeds' etc, because i already have those fundamentals in place. so that felt like real progress to me, even in how we communicate about the game and are teaching each other. so much of this is really about doing, you can't progress just in the abstract! 

as for tonight, making continued use of the wiki to fill in the gaps i still have ... used isabelle's explanation to plant seeds and an oak sapling close to my house! i mined more sand and made glass and then knocked down 1/2 my roof to make skylights because i was getting claustrophobic and seasonal affective disorder inside without natural light ... i kept checking on my seeds and became frustrated when they weren't growing as quickly as i had hope .. ah, patience, even digitally so! 

a continued struggle/question .. i cant connect to the server on my wifi in my room (i know, i could go to the library and do so ..), and i vacilate between getting 'lonely' in teh singleplayer and then enjoying it and not really wanting to get on the class server. there's a certain aspect of singleplayer that i enjoy in terms of being 'alone,' and even though i'm not figuring everything out on my own because i'm using so much of our class' support and collective knowledge (in person and this blog) and the wiki, too, i like kind of 'going it alone.' but then i wonder what the 'point' of my mine craft existence is and get existential, lonely, and bored - meta! so i go back and forth. that's about it for today. continued excitement/interest in/respect for this project. 

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i also realized that this

i also realized that this whole time i have been posting my reflections as comments to alice's initial post instead of on my own personal blog page, the one that tracks all your inidividual entries ... i hope that's not a problem .. ?? :( sad to not have a record of it all, though .. i hope there is a way to get that back?

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i kind of want to re-read our

i kind of want to re-read our initial minecraft articles now, now that i actually understand what the game is and how it feels to play. i think my perspective - or at least the depth at which i can understand the authors' points - would be much greater now.