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making progress!

accomplishment - i built another house, this one even more legit than the first one (which i lost ..). this one has three windows (which i made from glass that i made by smelting wood in my furnace .. i know, duh, of course that's how you make glass, but it still feels really cool to me!) .. and it has a door, and my bed, furnace, and crafting table, and chest. it's not very aesthetically pleasing and its super boxy and dark with a low ceiling, but hey it's mine! i feel strangely attached to this, like concerned with making it look nice .. and picking a 'nice' plot of land and clearing it, etc, as if this is really 'my' land and it all reflections back on me. but in a way, it is totally my creation , and it does reflect on me - so strange, i never thought i would experience this through a game! it really is an eerily good 'simulation' of how we interact with objects in the analog world. 

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course reflection

My rose - I have learned that the fierce debate over technology's role in classrooms and all forms of education is really an opportunity to question exactly what we mean by education. I've learned to push my own initial prejudices and opinions by seeking out information and personal experience with media like Twitter and digital books. I'm learning to think of human interaction and connection much more broadly, pushing against the idea that just because the form of education that I grew up with is comfortable and familiar it is not necessarily the most effective. 

A not-so-thorny thorn - One of my biggest challenges in Education (or I suppose all) classes is actually connecting my learning to what is happening daily in schools and other learning environment. I think that my work with Meenoo and the SLA Will resolve this, though, especially once I am able to actually visit SLA in person. 

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an exploration of african american and latino community tensions

my inquiry project .. inspired by comunity tensions between African Americans and Latino immigrants in my placement .. originally began as a curriculum design .. then evolved in to a personal reflection of myself as facilitator and an exploration in to larger issues of identity, race, and power, and belonging 

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