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Final Performances, Part II: Critical Feminist Studies, Fall 2007

Performances Continue:
Negotiating the Fissures

December 13, 2007

Doris Salcedo’s “Shibboleth,” concerning “the divisions between
creed, color, class and culture that maintain our social order...."

"...Some women wait for something
to change and nothing
does change
so they change

that was not what I meant to tell you at all,
at all....

where (therein) is the call for social change?

An alternative perspective, from ED, via Ann....

All but Death, can be Adjusted —
Dynasties repaired —
Systems — settled in their Sockets —
Citadels — dissolved —

Wastes of Lives — resown with Colors
By Succeeding Springs —
Death — unto itself — Exception —
Is exempt from Change —

--pick up your tickets for the Wilma TONIGHT @ 7:30!!
--also: Adaobi invites you to "35 Steps" -
The process we take towards healing.
Phase 2 in a Year long Dance Thesis on Domestic Violence and Abuse
Saturday, December 15 at 8:00pm Pembroke Dance Studio, Bryn Mawr

--also: please write
a response to any alum who has responded to you:
think: the courtesy of writing a thank you note...



Photographs from Tuesday's performances....

....And now (@ 10 minutes apiece!!):

Kathryn & Lydia
Ingrid & Rachel

Yoo Jin & Melinda
Flora, Alexander & Stephanie