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Hurricane Plus Nor'Easter Equals?

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Nantucket Island never lost electricity,

Though winds swept sand into my eyes and the sea spewed.

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


Murray’s Liquor was last Main Street store to close surely; 

The pharmacy counter got tipped twenty for food. 

Nantucket Island never lost electricity


Sand bagging the strip was proven unnecessary;

Below the sidewalks well-behaved floodwaters brewed.

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


Brussels sprout stalk in the fireplace were pretty smelly,

But my best friend insisted firewood should be valued!

Nantucket Island never lost electricity!


A cottage in Madaket was swept into the sea;

Residents weren’t surprised, the owners subdued.

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


Posting flood photographs on Facebook makes New Jersey

Friends worry about me, while waiting to be rescued.

Nantucket Island never lost electricity;

It wasn’t the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy.


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Villanelle.  I'm curious how

Villanelle.  I'm curious how you felt about the poem before you knew it was written in an established form?  Did finding out the poem was a villanelle change your reading?  How do you think this poemcompares to other villanelles?

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Before I knew this was a specific type of poem, I wasn't really sure what to think. I knew it was different than anything I'd read of yours before. The repetitiveness of it bothered me a little, I didn't see the point in repeating the same lines, except for that it made it songlike, which as it turns out, is apparently what a villanelle is. The rhythm of it reminded me of something I'd heard before, maybe in the distant past, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what that is.

Now that I know what it is, I hear it as a song, and I like it a little better. I don't think I am a big fan of this form, though. Maybe I'm not a fan of any constrictions on writing in general. For me Haiku is a good form because it forces the writer to distill an idea to it's barest essence, I like that, but forcing repetitiveness I am not so sure about.

I have only read a couple villanelles so far, and only since reading yours, I don't want to make a comparison too quickly. Maybe after I've digested them more. Maybe I will try one of my own, just as a challenge.

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Defintely don't judge the

Defintely don't judge the form on my use of it!  Please read other poets villanelles.  I was actually trying to do something new with the form.  I wanted the alternating repeated lines to simulate the push and pull of the tide or wind.  For better or worse, I intended the lines to jostle the reader about a bit.  Oh well.  Another villanelle another time. 

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The more I let your poem sink

The more I let your poem sink in the more I like it. I won't pass any judgement too quick.

I wish I could figure out what it is that I heard or read, probably long ago, that yours reminds me of.

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Maybe you would like to try to introduce a new form to the writing group?  A form that you find complelling?  (Haiku doens't count here :)

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new form

OK, let's see....There once was a man from...oh, never mind.

No but seriously, I don't really know any forms, what with my having zero training and all. I'll look into it, but if you have any suggestions or challenges, I'm listening. And don't be surprised if I try a villanelle too. I do think I really like free form though, but maybe that's just because I am an amateur.

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What is the name of this form of poetry? You told me but I can't remember.