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The Creation of Creation

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Hello.  Welcome to the story of Creation. I’ll soon launch into the tale of what happened, but before I do so, I feel it’s polite to introduce myself. I am the narrator of the story, the one who made the world be.  I don’t really have any physical description, since I don’t possess any shape or form. I’m more of a verb, if that makes sense. But I’ll go into more that later. The important thing you need to know is that I created the world. It sounds a bit strange, but it just sort of happened. Besides, it’s a nice thing to bring up in conversation.

            Before I came, the world began with nothing, (if you can picture that.)  Often, when people imagine “nothingness”, they tend to visualize something, like a vast expanse of murky black, or inky darkness.  Or an immense whiteness stretching far away, like the snowy landscapes and white skies I thought up. (Don’t you like those?) Those weren’t there either. During this time, there existed no light or dark, no black or white. No creatures lived, nor did sight or touch because the universe needed neither. It’s hard to imagine, I know. But that all suddenly changed in a single important movement. From that nothingness emerged an idea - me. I’m not sure how.  And I, I had a dream. That dream saw things, thoughts and ideas. Those came first. I’ve noticed most creation stories begin with the birth of the physical and then slowly invent the intangible, but in reality it didn’t actually happen like that. You see, first imagination had to exist in order to create the skies and mountains. And so, on that very point in time (before time actually existed), as a mixture of something beautiful came together, the ability to “create” suddenly was created. Me. And it was the most beautiful event to ever occur.  Out of this one act, flowed like a stream at first then a thunderous waterfall came everything else. Can you picture what it must’ve been like? It was the most incredible event to ever take place.   It’s truly unfortunate that only I could be there to witness it. 

Next, I created understanding and knowledge. The knowledge to construct the universe, and the understanding of its construction. From there, the physical crept and crawled into existence. It took more effort, you see, because it also brought visions and textures and matter, which suddenly had importance and a need to live. And movement.  Vision, I’m telling you, was especially beautiful.  I watched because I could. Now you can imagine the murky black and pristine white of the world I described in the beginning because there it stood. And then you suddenly existed and I existed in all of you.  The world, which we watched together, exploded with its newness and expanded bigger and bigger with greater and greater things.  Because the genesis of idea starts a kind of creationism that never ends. Even today, there exist no words to describe that sight we saw. I look back fondly on that period. 

            I should pause in this narrative to explain something about myself.  I made the world go only once. That’s all I did.  After humans came, I felt that Creation (that’s what you call me) should not exist alone; that’s far too much power for one being to have. So I made a choice for to be spread equally all around.

Before I finish this tale, I have one last piece to recount. As the world found itself newly created, it stretched and yawned and began to move. I watched it as soon understood all its abilities and discovered its limits. And so did you. On that moment, after the sun fell for the very first time and night arrived, you gave light to your first creation.  Something so amazing that even I could not have thought of it – stories.  Without those, knowledge could never be shared, and people, despite existing could never truly exist together. And that, I admit, was the second must beautiful event to ever occur.    


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Randomness the only true universal constant.

Long ago I had a very long discussion with some friends . The question I and another raised and debated in favour of and at length was- in a infinite universe is random the prime or only universal constant? I would appreciate your thoughts.