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Non-Fictional Prose Web Paper 4

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More HeLa, Less Henrietta Lacks

I did a Prezi to build up the contributions of HeLa cells. Hit play and use the arrow keys to go backward or forward in the presentation. I hope you all enjoy! :)

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The Last Act

 For my final hurrah for Non-Fictional Prose I decided to make a graphic novel. My decision came from a desire to revisit some things that I had resisted within the class. Graphic novels were something that I resisted in Literary Kinds, and something that we returned to again in this class. My graphic novel traces the learning that I went through in this class, and as we were all so hard on poor Arne, I dedicated a portion of my novel to his ecology of wisdom; just something to highlight what the ecological costs of many things are, things that we don't always think about. 

Is my graphic novel "the truth?" How much is fact versus how much is fiction? That is something that I will leave up to the readers to determine...

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Standing on the Edge: I am Skeptical, but I Still Believe

    The way the education system is set up in this society, we learn to be skeptical through our educational experiences with science, math, English, and history. It is not only science that teaches us to be skeptical through the use of the scientific method process. Carl Sagan argues that people should be more skeptical of things that cannot be proven, things for which there is no evidence, and that a way to do this is by learning the art of real science: a science that gives you empirical evidence for human existence and all the things that go with it.

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An Interplay Between Novels

 For my last paper, I decided to do a Prezi to illustrate my thought process in writing. I feel that this paper is a proper culmination to a class that has challenged me to use different forms of media to express my ideas and opinions while upholding the creative writing process. 

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An Analysis of The Professor and the Madman and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary

 An Analysis of The Professor and the Madman and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary


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An Anthropological Education


An Anthropological Education


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A Conversation on Education

A Conversation on Education:

Coles, Freire, and Dewey



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Mulitiplicity of Definitions


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