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Non-Fictional Prose Web Paper 4

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Here are the links to my final project, "FACTS DON'T EXIST," a small graphic experiment on story-telling, comic books, and non-fiction prose.

Images are on DeviantArt because of file size issues.


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The Philosophy and Writing of History: Searching for Truth?

Historians didn’t stick to the facts; the facts stuck to the historians.

– Carl Becker


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The story of Evolution and the story of the Bible

 The story of Evolution and the story of the Bible

          My Experience with both Religion and Evolution:

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Editing: The Altering of "Voice"

 Mary Margaret Peebles

Final Paper

Nonfiction Prose

Professor A. Dalke

17 December 2010    


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Non-Fictional Prose and the Reality of All Creatures

          Throughout this course, we have explored the difficulties of categorizing literature as fiction or non-fiction. Because all literature is bound to be biased and because categorization as “non-fiction” implies truthfulness and factuality, no work of literature can be categorized as “non-fiction” with any definitiveness.

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