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Editing: The Altering of "Voice"

 Mary Margaret Peebles

Final Paper

Nonfiction Prose

Professor A. Dalke

17 December 2010    


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Into the Briar Patch: My relationship with fictional children's literature

 I set out trying to write this paper over a month ago.  I had a pretty basic question, what do we read to children and why?  When my first attempt at finding material supporting reading nonfiction to children was fruitless, I turned to writings on children’s imaginations and imaginative play- specifically Barbie and her role in the formation of a young girl’s imagination.  While Barbie’s role in role in imaginative play is interesting, my original question was still unanswered.  Since the title of the class is Nonfiction Prose I felt that I should be addressing the reading of Nonfiction to children; but as o

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Reports from Barbie World: Or nonfiction prose on a fictional character that functions as a tactile object based on humans

 She was everywhere.  Scattered on my floor, under the seat in my mother’s car, with my bathtub toys, and occasionally in the big blue tub labeled BARBIE.  At the age of five I had entered Barbie World and the ensuing invasion of Barbie and cohorts dominated my life for the next two years.  My Christmas list from Kindergarten asked for a Barbie house, Barbie boat, Barbie car, and of course the absolutely essential Barbie Plane.  Apparently I was not alone, Mary F.

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Unit 1- Thoughts on practical nomenclature and the inner workings of an Aspergian mind

      Memoirs serve a multitude of purposes.  Some are exploitive in nature, others are nostalgic of a time that has

past, and still others recite the events of extraordinary lives.  John Elder Robison is not a memoirist or a famous rock

star, although he did work for Pink Floyd and KISS, he does however construct an insightful and educational memoir

about his remarkable life with Asperger's syndrome.  Not only is Look Me in the Eye: My life with Asperger's

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