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The Pringle Project

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Pringle-man, Habitual woman?

What interests me about this project, MissArcher2, is that it is an explicitly experimental/experiential/pragmatic testing of the theories of the pragmatist philosopher William James, who insisted that his ideas were to have their test in the world of the everyday. The moments of most interest for me, in your chatty blog, are those where you realized that

  • "I was not myself, which is terrifying";
    but that this was because your action was
  • "something completely unconscious"; and yet that
  • "by trying to break my habit, I was thinking about it,
    and thus it was no longer a Jamesian-defined habit."

So: it seems as though you've been learning, experimentally, about the ways in which your brain functions. And what effect has this experiment had on the way that brain thinks about William James? About your strong dislike, in particular, for his tendency to tell you how to think? (And act....?!)